Translation of remand centre in Spanish:

remand centre


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    (in UK)
    centro para menores en prisión preventiva
    • The survey included 1066 teenagers and adults living in a juvenile detention centre, a remand centre, or facilities for the homeless in Moscow.
    • On any day worldwide about 10 million people are incarcerated, in prisons, remand centres, police stations, jails, detention centres for asylum seekers, penal colonies, and prisoner of war camps.
    • However, we bear in mind that the possibility of collusion cannot be entirely ruled out as all these witnesses were held on remand at the same remand centre.
    • In the last few months he has left the remand centre seven times - but he has never been missing for more than 10 days.
    • Turning houses into, say, remand centres, such as happened to Shandon House, Dunbartonshire may preserve the bricks and mortar but the building's integrity is destroyed.
    • There is also a similar project with the bakery at the remand centre, with which she is involved too.
    • There are also ‘very unsatisfactory’ difficulties in securing transfers from the mainly remand centre, Cloverhill, to the hospital in Dundrum.
    • The creaking jail will also undergo a major refurbishment over the next seven years, as space becomes available in the new remand centre in Cloverhill and at Midlands Prison.
    • Later, in a corridor at Risley remand centre, the most hated couple in history held hands briefly… and then parted forever.
    • It was more of a low security remand centre than a high-security prison.
    • I was a bad boy, I used to run away from school, and as a result I spent a few years in remand centres.
    • However, they complained that before being sent to the camp, they received ‘mental and emotional torture’ during the 60-day detention period at the police remand center.
    • As Christmas approaches, Josef will be let out of the remand centre and will be allowed go home for a few days.
    • The phraseology makes it plain that Parliament was authorising the Secretary of State on occasion to place a particular offender under the age of 18 temporarily in a prison or remand centre.
    • The lack of staff has meant the majority of beds remained unfilled, leaving troubled kids out on the streets or in the remand centre at Oberstown in North Dublin.
    • He was put in the remand centre immediately, while eventually, for my own safety, I was placed in what is known as secure housing.
    • The orphanage, called Akany Avoko, is attached to a girls' remand centre about 20 minutes from Madagascar's capital, Antananavivo.
    • Lancaster Farms opened in March 1993 as a remand centre and young offender institution.
    • Your Honour, I must say I was quite unaware, having noticed a building being built in Spencer Street that was called the Remand Centre, that Victoria, at least in recent years, has not had a remand centre at all.
    • The man was first remanded to Mountjoy Prison before being transferred to Clover Hill early last year following the opening of the new remand centre.