Translation of remark in Spanish:


comentario, n.

Pronunciation: /rɪˈmɑːk//rəˈmɑrk/


  • 1

    comentario masculine
    observación masculine
    to make a remark hacer un comentario / una observación
    • she passed some remark about my appearance hizo algún comentario sobre mi aspecto
    • stop making rude remarks déjate de decir groserías
    • personal remarks comentarios insolentes
    • the chairwoman's opening/closing remarks las palabras con las que la presidenta abrió/cerró la reunión
    • I've made a few remarks in the margin he puesto unos comentarios / unas notas al margen
    • He was more interested in the tall ones off at a bit of a distance, but she passed by without notice or remark.
    • The equation of ‘extra-hazardous’ and ‘dangerous’ is also worthy of remark.
    • It is worthy of remark that while the sources of naturalism go back a very long way in Western philosophy, it has been especially prominent in philosophy in America.
  • 2literary, formal

    to be worthy of remark ser digno de mención formal
    • to escape remark pasar desapercibido / inadvertido

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to remark on / upon sth
    • he remarked on how young she looked comentó lo joven que parecía
    • nobody has remarked upon the fact that … nadie ha mencionado el hecho de que …

transitive verb

  • 1

    you look tired, she remarked pareces cansado — observó
    • to remark that observar que
  • 2archaic