Translation of remedy in Spanish:


remedio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛmədi//ˈrɛmɪdi/


  • 1

    (medicament, treatment)
    remedio masculine
    remedy for sth remedio para algo
    • We also discuss a variety of other remedies, over-the-counter treatments and prescription drugs.
    • To this day honey and lemon is a soothing remedy for a cold.
    • Some of the ingredients in popular over-the-counter cold remedies may actually be counterproductive.
    • Aldrich prescribed the usual flu remedies, including cold water baths.
    • There are many safe and effective herbal remedies for mothers to take before they turn to pharmaceutical drugs.
    • Once estrogen replacement is prescribed, a medical practitioner calibrates the remedy.
    • Traditional herbal remedies are used in conjunction with Western-style medicine.
    • What is the natural remedy for thyroid replacement as opposed to the pharmaceutical?
    • Most of modern medicine's prescription drugs grew out of traditional herbal remedies.
    • However, modern medicine is beginning to replace traditional folk remedies for many illnesses.
    • To choose the correct remedy for your daughter, read the following descriptions and pick the one that most closely matches her symptoms.
    • Castor oil is a reputed remedy for rheumatic problems and colic.
    • The root of the plant is a remedy for rheumatism, asthma and other respiratory ailments.
    • They make a good remedy for anorexia and are well worth using to counteract the nausea often experienced while undergoing chemotherapy.
    • The proportion of patients using traditional herbal remedies for malaria varies widely.
    • The use of herbs as dietary supplements and remedies for ailments has become widespread.
    • Folk remedies and herbal treatments also are common.
    • In addition, the family employed traditional remedies and treatment strategies of which the physicians were unaware.
    • The water in the well is believed to have curative powers and was recommended as a remedy for warts and blindness.
    • While leaf paste is used externally against boils and carbuncles, the extract is considered a good remedy for recurring earache.
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    (solution, cure)
    remedio masculine
    uncountable to be beyond / past remedy no tener (ya) remedio
    • Fortunately, the Administration has proposed remedies to this problem.
    • Affirmative action, as a remedy for biased hiring practices, has only been around since the 1960s.
    • Strict enforcement of the existing rules is the only remedy for this.
    • We think the best remedy to this situation is to actively support the development of new open-source software.
    • North Dakotans sees a channel to the Red River as a natural remedy for the problem and are perplexed that Manitoba would object.
    • Her mistake lies in assuming that I offer caretaker resource accounts as the exclusive remedy for social ills.
    • Jones explained his act as a dramatic remedy for boredom and chronic depression.
    • He is evasive when he comes to suggest a remedy for lack of representation.
    • As a remedy for the undesirable effects of interventionism they ask for still more interventionism.
    • I think that's a bad remedy for a very, very severe problem.
    • I decided that the best remedy for this sensory overload was getting out there to explore this amazing city.
    • Doesn't the interaction of different voices and different points of view provide a partial remedy for this?
    • The remedy for the problem was a sound system that involves Holly's teacher wearing a headset with a microphone so her words are amplified through a large speaker.
    • They then proposed a sensible remedy to the problem.
    • Next on stage was the infectious sound of Louisiana's Buckwheat Zydeco, whose upbeat, foot-tapping music was the perfect remedy for the chilly night.
    • The proper remedy for bad speech in a democratic society is not censorship, but more speech: speech that educates and informs.
    • Is there any major problem lacking a current remedy for which Washington could plausibly offer a solution?
    • In such cases accountability through international institutions may be the only practical remedy available.
    • The traditional remedy for inflation in general, and hyperinflation in particular, is gold.
    • From this point of view, foreign investment, in particular, was seen as an effective remedy for unemployment in less affluent nations.
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    (method) recurso masculine
    (method) remedio masculine
    (redress) reparación feminine
    to seek remedy for sth exigir reparación por algo
    • The common law remedy sought by the petitioner is not excluded by the Family Law Act.
    • Of course, if the Secretary of State gets it wrong in refusing to entertain the application, there would be a remedy by way of judicial review.
    • The minority shareholder would not have been in a position in the arbitration proceedings to pursue oppression remedies.
    • He submitted that the common law remedy of damages, however, would be obtainable.
    • The common law provides a general remedy against companies seeking to pass off counterfeit products as though they were the real thing.
    • Thus, the fact that the estate would have a remedy against a negligent solicitor does not necessarily preclude a claim by the disappointed beneficiary.
    • If they act unfairly, whether procedurally or in relation to the substantive decision itself, then that constitutes an abuse of power for which judicial review provides a remedy.
    • There should not have been an application for legal aid to apply for judicial review whilst that remedy was available.
    • The common law remedy for breach of contract is damages.
    • But is litigation an adequate remedy against harvesters?
    • So in my submission it is important that we have a remedy against each of them to proceed as we see fit.
    • It is an application for an equitable remedy to protect the plaintiff against the consequences of unconscionable conduct.
    • The remedies under section 75 are not remedies by way of appeal.
    • It is said that the claimants had viable alternative remedies by way of judicial review.
    • The Law Commission emphasised that an award of punitive damages should be seen as a remedy of last resort.
    • Accordingly the court has no power to grant any relief or remedy under Section 8 of the 1998 Act.
    • It is clear that simply because after demand on a bond it turns out that no sum was due from the customer to his contractor, that does not lead to the bank or surety having any remedy against the beneficiary of the bond.
    • As a remedy for the violation, the courts ordered that gays and lesbians be given the right to marry.
    • It does not mean, however, that the person injured is without a remedy against the Commission.
    • Criminal libel is the only remedy against this worthless organisation who simply seek publicity for themselves.

transitive verb

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    (mistake/situation/problem) remediar
    (evil/injustice) reparar
    your troubles are easily remedied tus problemas tienen fácil remedio / solución
    • Sam suddenly realized that she was still in his arms and quickly remedied the problem.
    • Secession would not remedy any ill facing the South, he repeatedly declared.
    • Forces are aligning, though, to remedy the situation.
    • Morally speaking, then, the American government has an urgent obligation to remedy these injustices.
    • Hopefully, this will be remedied in the future.
    • These initiatives will do nothing towards remedying the situation.
    • Do not worry, you can soon remedy this situation.
    • Specific strategies can help to remedy this deficiency and improve patients' understanding of risks.
    • The owners also refused to allow the plaintiffs to remedy the defects or complete the contract.
    • Enforcement action may still be taken to remedy the breach by requiring compliance with the condition.
    • The judicious application of a screwdriver quickly remedied this situation.
    • But even if I had coffee, would it really remedy my situation?
    • How can that be the case when I am trying to remedy what he apparently agrees is an unsatisfactory situation?
    • In order to determine how to remedy this situation, I conducted an informal poll with a couple of the skateboarding kids in my apartment's parking lot.
    • Brown begins to remedy this situation at the outset.
    • Someone who would have gotten in had to give up their place because we wanted to remedy past discrimination.
    • We can hope the publisher will soon remedy this with a paperback edition.
    • What can be done to remedy the situation, if anything?
    • I removed my oxygen mask, quickly remedying that problem.
    • The bill contains a number of common-sense amendments to remedy several defects in transport legislation.