Translation of remonstrance in Spanish:


protesta, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈmɑnstrəns//rɪˈmɒnstr(ə)ns/



  • 1

    (protest) protesta feminine
    (reproach) reproche masculine
    (reproach) reconvención feminine formal
    • He next entered the service of Charles V; then embarked on a privateering expedition, for which Queen Elizabeth provided one of his ships, till the remonstrances of foreign powers led to his arrest.
    • When the Orthodox would say something outrageous, the Vatican would make remonstrances privately, but never in public.
    • It begins instead with a rather daring remonstrance of God.
    • The Taipei Society's remonstrance didn't just target those in power.
    • But, at length, having become insensibly accustomed to her, he listened to her remonstrances with no less patience than his mistress.
    • Incensed by the government's flouting of basic legal principles, the parlement of Paris, seconded by the provincial courts, condemned royal policy in a flood of remonstrances.
    • It was during her remonstrances at his delay that the alleged assault took place.
    • Earlier, we might have argued, but we had already seen how little effect remonstrances had on these two.
    • There is no remonstrance that carries its message so clearly as a reversal order which upholds due process.
    • Is the list mainly a catalogue of wayward institutions that, depending on their own histories and practices, have given greater or lesser heed to the AAUP's remonstrances?
    • "Wife," I answered, "I will not sacrifice this calf," and in spite of all her remonstrances, I remained firm.
    • Sensing no remonstrance from the two humans he knew to be nearby, he began walking, slowly, drawing Roman's mount along in his wake.
    • ‘Every lie you tell me is as obvious as that one,’ she replied without a hint of hurt or remonstrance.
    • England should not have stood by and seen a feeble people robbed without raising a note of remonstrance.