Translation of remortgage in Spanish:


Pronunciation /riˈmɔrɡɪdʒ//riːˈmɔːɡɪdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with second mortgage)
    constituir una segunda hipoteca sobre
    • I am not suggesting that everyone remortgages their house tomorrow and buys a side scan system, but it is handy to see just what it can do.
    • In 1989 the son remortgaged the property to the Nationwide Building Society.
    • It agreed to supply half the budget and the Wallises remortgaged their house to make up the difference.
    • ‘My father, John, agreed to remortgage his house to help fund the case and now he faces the prospect of losing it and being made homeless,’ he added.
    • Mine even showed when we remortgaged five years ago.
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    • One reader in her mid-30s was remortgaging her property last year with AIB.
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    • In 1988 I remortgaged and was given a non-status mortgage provided I signed up for an endowment.
    • She raised the necessary funds by remortgaging her house and borrowing £25,000 from her parents.
    • You'd be miles better off remortgaging with your existing mortgage lender, getting an unsecured personal loan or, even better, snowballing your unsecured debts.
    • But 7% planned to take the drastic step of selling their home or remortgage it to clear their other borrowings.
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    • You need to raise a deposit of £150,000, which often comes from remortgaging your family home.
    • Calamity struck when Elbert's death revealed that he had remortgaged his house once too often.
    • Students who fund themselves will inevitably pay through a variety of means - savings, remortgaging the house, using a redundancy pay-out and bank or career development loans are all common.
    • My colleague approached his bank to say he was remortgaging with another company advertising a special offer and his bank matched the deal rather than lose his business.
    • Nor will you investigate remortgaging your property, nor do anything about that costly endowment.
    • Those of less advanced years, who are still able to get a mortgage, have been remortgaging at higher amounts to take advantage of house price rises, too.
  • 2

    (with different lender)
    subrogar a la entidad crediticia en la hipoteca que grava la propiedad


  • 1

    (second mortgage)
    segunda hipoteca
    • With the advent of flexible and offset mortgages, overpayments can be drawn back down easily rather than the longer process of releasing equity through a further advance or remortgage.
    • Borrowers don't look at the long term savings they can make and wrongly think that a straight swap remortgage will be time consuming.
    • I do not accept that the purpose of the remortgage was to obtain capital to invest in this business.
    • Historical references show people have borrowed significant amounts of money for thousands of years without credit cards, remortgages or other modern inventions.
    • In the UK, most mortgages are remortgages and we tend to follow their example.
    • It should take about a month to complete the remortgage.
    • To get the remortgage, she forged a letter claiming that she did not live in the house, although she did.
    • At the beginning of February 1990 DNB made a second remortgage offer and the remortgage for £136,000 was completed on 5 February 1990.
    • Loans for house purchase took up 74% of all new mortgage lending in January, while remortgages accounted for 21%.
    • When you arrange a mortgage or remortgage, lenders will ‘strongly recommend’ that you take out a life insurance policy that will pay off your debt if you die.
    • Following my recent thoughts about the benefits of using a mortgage broker when considering a remortgage, I spent the weekend doing the actual sums.
    • The remortgage will now go ahead and he can pay the £58,000 tax debt.
    • As the judge said, on the remortgage to the bank she undertook a liability directly to the bank for the full amount of the loans.
    • The Steinway came in at around £45,000 and entailed a remortgage.
  • 2

    (with different lender)
    subrogación de la entidad crediticia en la hipoteca que grava la propiedad