Translation of remote in Spanish:


remoto, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈmoʊt//rɪˈməʊt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (galaxy/star) remoto
      (province/village/island) remoto
      remote from sth apartado de algo
      • The aircraft will remain for an indefinite period, delivering supplies to more remote locations.
      • Well, it's a fairly remote island.
      • In Scotland too, holy wells in remote places attracted the attentions of Presbyterian devotees, often despite the baleful stares of ordained Kirk ministers.
      • This problem centres on our very large landmass, long coastline, remote location and small population.
      • Moreover, since anthropology started as a museum discipline, this has resulted in a focus on exotic and remote locales and populations.
      • Christian churches exist in even the most remote villages.
      • Diseases continue to ravage large populations, especially in remote areas.
      • They too had been forcibly removed to ‘detention’ centres in mostly remote areas.
      • Tired of the rat race of modern life, they found a deserted valley in a remote region of the world.
      • The facts are that since 1981, the Aboriginal population in remote areas has grown by more than 20 per cent.
      • Originating from Lucknow, the fruit is gradually establishing itself in certain pockets of Dindigul and in remote places in Salem.
      • Every Croatian household, from the largest urban center to the most remote village, has a television.
      • The Himalayan Cataract Project is curing blindness - literally overnight - in the most remote villages of Nepal and India.
      • And many of those areas are very remote, very dangerous areas.
      • So if you want to go in the remote areas inside the valley, you don't have any options.
      • Invitees used a satellite-based interactive system to link up with participants in locations situated in remote locations.
      • Similarly, several families have moved closer to urban centres from the remote villages.
      • He was faintly embarrassed by this and explained that living in a remote place demanded extraordinary measures if he was to keep up with the baseball.
      • Not only that, but if you live in remote places, gifts are often best organised by mail order from down south, which adds another week or two to the process.
      • Officials generally tolerated prostitution in mining centres, especially in more remote locations.

    • 1.2

      (connection/cause) remoto
      ideals remote from everyday reality ideales alejados de la realidad cotidiana
      • It is ridiculous to suggest that this relationship would become more remote if there were single-seat constituencies.
      • The disease may have been transmitted to 1056 patients through surgical instruments, however, the likelihood of transmission is remote.
      • Nervously, I knew that there was a remote chance that Alex was here, and that Alex had Andrea somewhere.
      • Some were abstract and suggested forms and shapes, exquisite in themselves but remote from concrete reality.
      • So there has to be some causal connection, however remote, though, does there not, between the acts done and the race of the person who is offended?
      • If it is, the chances of bringing a successful legal action must be remote.
      • American propaganda painted him as unbalanced and remote from reality.
      • Many Koreans realize that it is presently unrealistic and a remote possibility to envision a unified Korea.
      • Is there even a remote possibility of a person who hadn't seen his four previous films, plus his comics and website, understanding the film?
      • The chances of this kind of relationship coming about between three individuals seems highly remote to me.
      • If his victory stands, the immediate prospect for reducing tension across the strait appears remote.
      • It's not hers so there's still that remote chance she's still out there somewhere alive and - we're still clinging to that.
      • Other times, the connection is more remote, or downright nonexistent.
      • Neither illness has any remote connection to the vaccine.
      • Sometimes they're only related in a very remote way.
      • Five hundred and sixteen other patients who also had surgery there have been warned of the remote possibility of exposure.
      • As flight lead I hadn't discussed a divert option in detail because I felt the chances were remote based on the weather forecast.
      • The remaining six plaintiffs were excluded as claimants because they were in a more remote relationship - but it seems that on appeal they all lost and for a variety of reasons.
      • But with two burly dogs giving us a chase, this seemed a remote possibility.
      • Just suppose that cloning a human was no longer a remote possibility, but a scientific reality.
      • The Mining Scout decided to check out the abandoned vessel, on the remote chance that there may still be people aboard.
      • Any remote relationship to terrorism will get you involved in one of these tribunals.
      • A free-kick from 30 yards out seemed too remote to be dangerous.
      • Once a ball touches an infielder, the chance of a runner interfering with a batted ball becomes remote.
      • Both prospects seem to me to have been relatively remote.
      • The risk of crime - much less terrorism - had always been remote.
      • Because if you use it on weird foot cramps, there's a remote possibility that you could loosen a blood clot and cause heart damage or even death.
      • I want you to hear what he said about that albeit remote possibility.
      • And she'd been stupid enough to believe there was even a remote chance he might actually like her as a friend?

    • 1.3(aloof, abstracted)

      • She is a cold, remote, autocratic figurehead with monarchical delusions and the instincts of a contract killer.
      • While seen as personally remote and aloof, Collins came across as fair and measured in meetings with unions.
      • Visibly thrilled over his visit, he says that contrary to apprehension that he would be cold and remote, the Prince came across as a very amenable and caring person.

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    • 2.1(in time)

      (past/antiquity) remoto
      in remote times en tiempos remotos
      • in the remote future en un futuro lejano
      • I would like to think that Colonial House at least gave us a different view of the remote past than the stereotypical textbook treatment we remember from high school.
      • Some of the pictures featured at the show were those sent by spacecraft such as Mariner 9 which reveal extensive channels made by flowing water in the remote past of the planet.
      • At one level, the novel is about male sexual fantasies, at another it is about the role of memory, both the recent and remote past and how they intermesh with the present.
      • It is also worth noting that the argument has nothing essential to do with a causal circumstance in the remote past.
      • Together, the remote past and the more recent development of ‘traditional’ festivals have much educationally to offer the people of England today.
      • Still anything that engages the average reader with our remote past, even if in the form of a romantic time-condensing allegory, has got to be a good thing.
      • They seem bent on taking the world back to an even more remote past, to when chaos lay on the face of the Earth; a time recorded in the Book of Genesis.
      • First, there are various pieces of evidence about monkeys being eaten in the remote past or in primitive cultures in more recent times.
      • If determinism is true, then our acts are the consequences of the laws of nature and events in the remote past.
      • In other words, the Aboriginal past was remote and incidental.
      • Although she had no recent history of trauma, in the remote past she had abdominal trauma that she had chosen not to have repaired.
      • The causes of their deaths were usually said to lie in people's wrong doings in both the recent and the remote past, and their invasion of forbidden domains.
      • Each idyll is a society in the distant future or the remote past that can be held up as a noble alternative to American society.
      • Using these legends, he would come up with these radical theories of fabulous civilizations from remote past.
      • Seemingly different characters have the same name, a car accident happens in both the recent and the remote past, unrelated events have a strange symmetry.
      • Is looking at such pictures really ‘necessary’, given that these horrors are in a past remote enough to be beyond punishment?
      • This is the zone which, arguably, contains the most important sites for understanding responses to coastal processes in the more remote past, but which is the most difficult to protect or manage.
      • In my anxiety I got a much earlier train, and when I changed onto the branch line was afflicted with almost overpowering excitement at this journey into the remote past.
      • It gives us the opportunity to form some opinion not just of the physical circumstances of life in the remote past, but also of how such people might have thought and felt about life.
      • Bonded labour may sound like pages from the remote past but is shockingly a fact in the present day, just an hour's drive from the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

    • 2.2(of relationships)

      (ancestor) lejano
      • On the face of it, the objection of any surviving relative, however remote, bars any transplant.
      • Status, rank, and patronage opportunities had rarely been of greater importance and even remote family connections could be of real use.
      • He could have made the same point just as well without any discussion of remote genetic relationships.
      • Chinese is a language rich in kinship terms, but the point is that, whatever sort of relative Mr Li was, he was a remote one.

  • 3

    (hope/possibility) remoto
    (resemblance) remoto
    (resemblance) vago
    (resemblance) muy ligero
    I haven't the remotest idea no tengo ni la más remota idea
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    Computing Telecommunications
    (keyboarding/text processing) a distancia
    (terminal) remoto
    • As remote sensing relies heavily on interpretation skills, local experts may help with the interpretation.
    • He set up a blind in ‘the great marsh’ and a remote camera beside a slough, rigged to take a photo whenever a creature crossed its infrared beam.
    • The SE models gain an electric sunroof, alloys and remote central locking.
    • Walthall has spent hundreds of hours aboard NASA planes, operating remote sensors, but he is doing his research on the ground now.
    • Instead, a remote sensor placed outdoors transmits a radio signal to a monitor inside your house, which shows the data on a liquid crystal display.
    • There are other uses for cheap, expendable remote sensors.
    • The second type is proprietary and relies on custom software drivers that communicate to the remote chipset.
    • With the aid of a remote camera set 50 meters from the den, Christoph spent many hours watching her perform the intimate chores of motherhood.
    • The concept of the device is to activate a remote sensor that will trigger the device on the vehicle that will bring it to a stop.
    • The specification list is comprehensive for a small car, although the absence of remote mirror adjustment was noted.
    • Options such as ABS brakes and remote locking will cost you extra.
    • At the touch of a button one of the blank monitors blipped to life, displaying a scene that was being picked up by a hidden remote camera.
    • A new kid will use a remote explosive to take out a target efficiently, but it's messy and it's also very risky.
    • In the near future, with this type of system users would not know whether they controlled a remote microscope or a virtual microscope.
    • There are several possible new markets, such as remote sensing and space tourism.
    • The researchers had already deployed time-lapse cameras mounted to trees and remote microphones to listen for the telltale calls.
    • A signal condition monitoring circuit drives an integral two-color LED and an alarm signal for remote monitoring at the control.
    • Baghdad and other cities are wracked by small arms and remote bomb ambushes and by mortar and rocket attacks, and are closed to commercial air traffic.
    • He attached the little remote device for his ship onto the rifle.
    • The 1.6 comes with electric windows, a radio / CD player, electric heated mirrors, alarm immobiliser and remote locking.