Translation of remote sensing in Spanish:

remote sensing

detección a distancia, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈmoʊt///


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    detección a distancia feminine
    • Chinese researchers will use aeronautic remote sensing technology to re-measure the length of the Great Wall, which is now estimated at 7,300 kilometers, official media said Thursday.
    • The Environmental Protection Administration is set to hold a seminar today on the application of satellite remote sensing technology in atmospheric pollution control.
    • Layered with more advanced systems, such as remote sensing and geographic information system analysis, the system can be even further refined.
    • For example, a country's satellite can deliver remote sensing, flood plain monitoring, mapping, that kind of thing.
    • We compared the development of the marshlands in the last 25 years, and that is possible today because we have the information coming from remote sensing, from satellite, and you see that the marshlands decreased drastically.
    • Most of the research takes advantage of remote sensing's ability to view entire regions to monitor, assess, and manage farmland, rangeland, and forests - including effects on the nation's waters.
    • These subjects include computer, cartography, meteorology, survey and photogrammetry, remote sensing and geographic information system and nutrition.
    • Take the use of satellite remote sensing, which first identified the ‘hole’ in the ozone layer.
    • The group also discussed satellite remote sensing and climate change.
    • They use passive remote sensing instruments to detect sunlight reflected by mounds and mark areas infested by imported fire ants.
    • These include his pioneering work in infrared detection, remote sensing, analyses of nuclear technology, and, of course, radar.
    • Before satellite based remote sensing emerged, aerial platforms were used as aerial photographic data, but with limited view ability.
    • It is also used in a wide range of scientific, military, and industrial fields, including space exploration and remote sensing of Earth from space, medical diagnostics, biological research, and military target detection.
    • Now, India has mastered the technology of making all satellites, including communication and remote sensing satellites.
    • It has made many subsequent forays into orbit, developing satellites for Earth observation, remote sensing, telecommunications and weather forecasting.
    • Circling just a few hundred kilometres above the earth, remote sensing satellites can monitor all that is happening in the skies and on the ground below them.
    • Today, there are countless remote sensing, information fusion, and surveillance capabilities available for incorporation into the toolbox.
    • A chlorophyll meter or remote sensing information also can be used to help determine the need for nitrogen.
    • Eight aircraft, five for surveillance and three for remote sensing are used for environmental protection, natural resources survey, border surveillance and support of sustained development in the Amazon region.
    • This will include remote sensing, Geographical Information Systems and other systems to monitor forest activities and conditions.