Translation of remove in Spanish:


quitar, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈmuːv//rəˈmuv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(take off)

      she removed her gloves se quitó los guantes
      • the radio can be easily removed la radio se saca fácilmente
      • to remove sth from sth
      • the nurse removed the bandage from his arm la enfermera le quitó la venda del brazo
      • remove the lid from the box destape la caja
      • she removed a piece of fluff from his collar le quitó una pelusa del cuello
      • He quickly removes his suit jacket and places it over her shoulders.
      • They continued on for a few moments, with roving hands that were trying to remove their clothing as quickly as they possibly could.
      • To the laughter of those around me, I marched him to the creek and sat down to remove my boots before pulling him into the water.
      • She quickly removed her sweater, ignoring the pain that burned into her scar as the material raced across it.
      • His partner nodded, holding his breath, then quickly removed his coat and used the inside of it to wipe his face.
      • Stone took in a deep breath, but since he didn't have anything to lose except his clothes, he quickly removed his shirt and exposed his chest.
      • I was pushed behind a screen where I quickly removed my dress and was then put in the tub, the water freezing.
      • She quickly removed her blue jacket and placed it over the wound to try and stop the blood from flowing as quickly.
      • With her free hand she removed her glasses, swiping a hand across her eyes again, but by the time she replaced her glasses, it was too late.
      • She quickly removed her black jacket and pressed it against his chest, doing her best to stop the bleeding.
      • If helping other people remove their clothing, try to avoid touching any contaminated areas, and remove the clothing as quickly as possible.
      • John quickly removed his clothing and started putting on the apparel set out for him.
      • Filling my palms with the cool water, I washed my face, then quickly removed my clothing.
      • He quickly went inside, removed his shirt and shoes, and looked at the two.
      • He quickly removed my shirt and his own then paused.
      • Pearl shivered in her thin, white dress and Vincent quickly removed his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.
      • Aaron quickly removed his shirt and tied it securely around Brynne's wound.
      • He quickly removed her dress, shoes, and underclothes.
      • They removed their backpacks and sat in a small circle.
      • He brought the chair closer and sat, removing his hat.

    • 1.2(take out)

      (contents) sacar
      (appendix/tonsils) extirpar formal
      (bullet/gallstones) extraer formal

    • 1.3(edit out)

      (paragraph/item/word) suprimir
      (paragraph/item/word) excluir
      to remove sth from sth suprimir algo de algo
      • It is this filtration that removes some of the harsher flavour in the whiskey and the end product is a smoother and mellower taste.
      • Economic realities have helped to remove the old stigma associated with renting.
      • The stain upon America can only be removed by withdrawal from Iraq, and making our leaders accountable.
      • Insoluble material was then removed by centrifugation.
      • The implementation of this policy would remove risks associated with environmental tobacco smoke.
      • After years of struggle, he had finally removed his biggest obstacle.
      • Its mission is to neutralize key defense positions and remove obstacles.
      • It is tempting to say that the feudal-dynastic element had been removed from foreign policy, but there was to be a significant revival of dynastic policy under the Stewarts.
      • By 2001, all import quotas will have been removed and licensing largely eliminated.
      • The source of toxins - the bacteria - needs to be removed using antibiotics.
      • Shaking the tree removes loose needles and any insects.
      • The million organisms of live rock and sand break down the wastes into nitrate, which can then be removed through mechanical filtration.
      • Small amounts of active charcoal mixed with diatomaceous earth are sometimes used during final filtration in the hope of removing unstable colloids which could potentially form a haze.
      • Yellow Halon fire extinguishers should be removed from homes, farms, boats and caravans.
      • Once limiting beliefs are discovered you are in a position to remove them.
      • Eliminating horsemeat removes the associated high costs of transportation and refrigeration.
      • The solvent was removed by rotary evaporation followed by desiccation under vacuum.
      • When Yamato finally came to power, he removed most of the laws passed by his father and grandfather; replacing them with fairer laws.
      • Excess chlorine can be removed by activated carbon filtration.

  • 2

    • 2.1(get rid of)

      (grease/stain/ink) quitar
      a cream to remove unwanted hair una crema para eliminar el vello superfluo

    • 2.2(eliminate)

      (difficulty/problem) eliminar
      (difficulty/problem) acabar con
      (doubt/suspicion) disipar
      (threat/obstacle) eliminar

  • 3

    (take away, move)
    (object) quitar
    (person) sacar
    to remove sth from sth quitar algo de algo
    • to remove sb from sth sacar a algn de algo
    • can you remove this from here? ¿podrías quitar esto de aquí?
    • the police forcibly removed him from the premises la policía lo sacó del local por la fuerza
    • the inhabitants/valuables had been removed to a place of safety los habitantes/los objetos de valor habían sido trasladados a un lugar seguro
    • to remove oneself marcharse
    • His remains were removed from his residence to the Church of our Lady Wolfhill.
    • Then she removed her hand and sat up, looking at Ryan.
    • Pruning also removes the spent flower heads, which are among the ugliest and untidiest of the plant world.
    • Fibroids and polyps of the uterus can be easily removed surgically if necessary.
    • You should be able to operate the chair with one hand, removing the tray and positioning your child inside.
    • Team members support both of the patient's legs as positioning devices are removed.
    • Stones are completely removed by open surgery whereas fragments are left behind after minimally invasive therapy.
    • The structure was completely cleaned down and all debris removed from the site.
    • Cautiously, Elsa untied the ribbon and removed the lid.
    • Some of her hairpins slipped out, and he removed the rest, freeing her shimmering blond locks to tumble down her back.
    • Finally, make sure to clean brushes and foundation sponges weekly to remove makeup buildup and keep them fresh, soft, and supple.
    • When the tarte is cooked, carefully remove from the oven, and pour any juices into a small pan.
    • Sheer paper face blotters remove oil and leave makeup intact.
    • Picking up the stone, she brushed away the white dust, gently removing any loose rock with her fingers.
    • Bring to the boil, then remove from the heat and leave to infuse.
    • Cook for a further 2-3 minutes, then remove from the heat.
    • When the quills begin to loosen, the bird removes them and is then ready to care for the new feathers.
    • Stir until the preserves just start to melt and immediately remove from heat.
    • Often it's as simple as damp mopping with a solution of ammonia and water and rinsing to remove oils, makeup, or other substances.
    • Alain was in a position to easily remove Howarth's pistol from its holster, unnoticed.
  • 4

    to remove sb from sth destituir a algn de algo
    • You do not get prohibition to stop the Minister removing somebody.
    • The plaintiff son had been removed from his position as an employee, manager and officer of the family companies.
    • He was removed from his post, sent back home - in his own words, ‘deeply and irreparably injured’.
    • He has been removed from his position as an agent of Finsbury Park Mosque.
    • In a trumped-up case in April 1946, he was removed from his position, stripped of his rank, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
    • So I think Nixon would have been removed from office by the Senate.
    • In September 1968 he was removed from all his posts and expelled from the Communist Party.
    • There's the stigma that you may be removed from your leadership position.
    • And this poll was taken during that crucial cabinet meeting that decided it would remove him at some date and time to be specified.
    • He was removed from his teaching position because he refused to agree to an administrative directive not to seek republication of his book.
    • He, too, was removed from his high position in a key river study by the Corps' top brass.
    • By early 1806, he had been removed from his position in disgrace.
    • He writes his employer to say that he wants someone removed from his hiring committee.
    • Those who refuse to listen must be removed from positions of leadership.
    • And I don't think it'd be fair to remove him at this point in time.
    • Back in 2002, he was removed from that position, and he became the interior minister for Syria.
    • Another joint sitting is then convened and if the motion for the removal of the president is supported by not less than two thirds of the combined membership he is removed from office.
    • The lords had to do their job well as unsuccessful ones could be removed from their position.
    • The terms under which a student councillor can be removed from the council, because of absenteeism, were clarified.
    • He is being removed from that position, sent back to Washington and we have Admiral Allen, we're told, stepping in to take his place.

intransitive verb


  • 1

    (change address)
    • In 1969 he founded The Honest Ulsterman, and in 1990 established the Poets' House at Islandmagee with his third wife, later removing to Falcarragh in the Donegal Gaeltacht.
    • He sold up before removing to France after the war.
    • He became tutor to the children of Sir John Walsh of Old Sodbury, but soon removed to London and the continent, visiting Luther at Wittenberg.
    • We were removed from our traditional lands, forced onto reservations on infertile land so barren we couldn't grow crops or raise livestock.
    • In the 1970s black families, including hers, were removed from Queenstown to Ezibeleni, a new black township nearby.
    • The civil service post was resigned and the family removed to the Isle of Man to avoid the punitive tax system of the time.
    • Let there not be a repeat of what has happened in nearby Zimbabwe where thousands of squatters have been forcibly removed from illegal settlements.
    • The following year Gainsborough and his family removed to London, taking residence in Schomberg House, Pall Mall.
    • A former NWFP governor, Lt-Gen I.H. Shah ordered a thriving pheasantry to be removed from Dhodial in District Manshera.


  • 1

    to be at one remove from sth estar a un paso de algo
    • his statement was at several removes from the truth su declaración distaba mucho de la verdad
    • genius is but one remove from madness de la genialidad a la locura no hay más que un paso