Translation of remunerative in Spanish:


remunerativo, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈmjun(ə)rədɪv//rɪˈmjuːn(ə)rətɪv//rəˈmjunəˌreɪdɪv/



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    bien remunerado
    • I do not think that he is engaged in remunerative work.
    • Opportunities for future growth, improved operating methods and more remunerative pricing are then examined for each sector.
    • He was able to make a connection in July, 2001 which may shortly become remunerative.
    • A particular claimant might have had prospects or chances of advancement and increasingly remunerative employment.
    • The Act contains a controversial clause which disallows claims from workers in educational establishments who are deemed to be on customary holiday and in remunerative work.
    • Many young people simply found cash crop agriculture on the Reserves more remunerative than wage labor on settler farms or in the mines.
    • They were too busy with the remunerative work of stationary engine building under their patent monopoly to trouble with speculative business.
    • The Public Service Code of Conduct Act stated that officials should not undertake any remunerative work outside the department without approval.
    • In others, village growers simply find it more remunerative to sell coca to drug dealers than to market pineapples at the local mercado.
    • He decided to retire from the ministry for more remunerative work.
    • He is engaged and normally engaged in remunerative work.
    • With government itself be coming the largest of all businesses, service to the state becomes more attractive and remunerative.
    • No other remunerative work or employment may be undertaken by you except with our written consent.
    • Unleashing academic publishers from the user - pays paradigm is about the most remunerative activity I can think of.
    • His writings were remunerative to him far beyond the ordinary measure, yet he never wrote for money.
    • Such groups will have to develop appropriate linkages with technological and credit institutions as well as to assured and remunerative marketing opportunities.
    • Migrant workers rarely acquired skills which would have permitted them to seek alternative and possibly more remunerative employment.
    • No amount is claimed nor was evidence presented to support a claim for loss of remunerative activity.
    • The result of several years of research has not proved very remunerative.
    • Promotion of agricultural exports is important for creating conditions for providing remunerative prices to farm produce.
    • Always commanding light remunerative employment from the manufacturing establishments in town, she maintained herself respectably.
    • Since June 2003 Mr Walkes has not had any remunerative employment.
    • His Honour accepted the arguments of the Repatriation Commission that the remunerative work a veteran was undertaking was the last work done by the veteran.
    • l Do not, without approval, undertake remunerative work outside their official duties or use office equipment for such work.
    • He also gained regular, remunerative employment in the private sector.
    • Incomes covers the creation of productive and remunerative jobs.
    • She should not be engaged in remunerative work.
    • They should not be a member of a married or unmarried couple the other member of which is engaged in remunerative work.
    • Many had not worked in the regular labor market for a long time, if at all, and their prospects for steady, remunerative work remained dim.
    • With meticulous industry, she shows the direction for the student community to pursue remunerative careers, with a high degree of optimism.
    • Sustainable self-help groups require reliable and remunerative market linkages.
    • The immigrant population occupies most of the menial and less remunerative forms of employment which Venezuelans themselves avoid.
    • What was the relevant "remunerative work that the veteran was undertaking"…
    • Whenever your literary productions have proved for themselves that they have a real value, you will never have to go around hunting for remunerative literary work to do.
    • That term-time workers are in remunerative work during the holidays, is described as a statutory fiction.
    • Not getting a remunerative price, farmers responded in the only way they could - by reducing the acreage under oilseeds.
    • Under this management, the glen gained in popularity with residents and visitors, and the venture proved a remunerative one.
    • Pirated books, having no legal value, were less remunerative.
    • Faced with the remarkable bankruptcy of his employer, Larry did very little to locate a remunerative position.
    • However, given the posture of the physical market it seems unlikely that further shorting will be very remunerative.