Translation of render in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛndə//ˈrɛndər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to render sth useless/superfluous/obsolete hacer que algo resulte inútil/superfluo/obsoleto
    • the communications systems were rendered useless by the enemy el enemigo inutilizó los sistemas de comunicación
    • he was rendered unfit for active service by … fue incapacitado para el servicio activo por …
    • this clause renders the contract void esta cláusula invalida el contrato
  • 2formal

    (give, proffer)
    (homage) rendir
    (thanks) dar
    (assistance) prestar
    for services rendered por servicios prestados
    • to render an account presentar una factura
    • render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's al César lo que es del César (y a Dios lo que es de Dios)
  • 3

    • 3.1(interpret)

      (piece of music) interpretar
      these nuances cannot be rendered in French estos matices no pueden reflejarse en francés
      • On the other hand, he is the one who applauds the most when a piece is rendered in all its beauty.
      • The audio is clear of noise and both dialogue and music are rendered faithfully.
      • While residing in Vadodara in the early 1920s, he rendered into English several of her works.
      • She has rendered the novel in the simple present to get over the problem of switching tenses which sounds alright in Tamil but clumsy in English.
      • They make it obvious that Dante's text is not being neutrally rendered into English but that something is being done with it or made out of it.
      • Varying in size, the works are rendered primarily in egg tempera, casein and gold leaf on wood panels.
      • Music passages are pleasantly rendered and there is some hint of surround activity in some thunderstorm sequences.
      • By the same token, a performance rendered in a machine-like manner, where tones are physically produced but not in response to prior hearing, is not a musical one.
      • It has now been rendered into very readable English, and trimmed in a way that retains the real essentials of the work.
      • Some sentences seem to be ignored in the subtitles, others are rendered into gibberish.
      • The stories have been rendered in excellent English by the translators.
      • The sophisticated and superbly rendered Canberra plan was submitted shortly after their marriage.
      • Comparable to the world's great epics, this has also been rendered into English with a transcription.
      • Dialogue is clear, hiss is minimal, and the background music is nicely rendered.
      • When sound and music are rendered, something previously inexpressible can be revealed, and the concert hall can become a site to engage our desires and fantasy lives.
      • She tells part of the story through her letters to her sister in pidgin Bengali, rendered into pidgin English.
      • Some of her poems had been rendered into English.
      • Each drawing is meticulously rendered in several eccentric representational styles.
      • An earlier work in the series, Main Street, Port Elizabeth, is rendered in thick impasto marks.
      • Another of her novels, ‘Kadan’ (‘Runa’ in Kannada) has also been rendered into Tamil.
      • Dialogue is well balanced with the music, which is rendered with admirable clarity.
      • The child-like simplicity of the slow movement is rendered as a lullaby, and the finale has punch without the application of brute force.
      • The cut scenes are beautifully rendered, have a high resolution, and are quite detailed.
      • His works are surrealistic and whimsical, rendered in oils and mixed media.
      • Dialogue and music are clearly rendered and, while not exactly expansive, about as rich as mono from an optical source gets.
      • Unlike previous years, when songs of different composers were sung, this time the choir chose to render the songs of only one composer, those of Sir John Stainer's.
      • This kinetic opening sequence is artistically rendered and had me on the edge of my seat.
      • Their poetry were all rendered into Tamil.
      • It has given platform to performers who render the music of poet-saints of India.
      • I admire my son's artwork: his bold colors, his systematic technique, his willingness to repeat until he renders a piece the way he wants it.

    • 3.2(translate)

      to render sth into sth traducir algo a algo

  • 4

    • If approved, the existing brickwork finish will be rendered and the internal stairs will be reworked.
    • The glare of this virtual openness and semi-transparency is counterbalanced by the dark grey-green slate flooring and the solid rendered brick walls.
    • Construction is steel frame with rendered brick walls.
    • The garden was backed by a white stone, rendered wall and the planting provided the wow factor, namely the yellowcaned bamboo.
    • The refurbished zinc roof forms an arresting contrast with the cream tiled and rendered walls of the main building.
    • Upper levels are rendered in dark blue painted plaster while seats in kaleidoscopic colours generate a festive air.
    • These buildings would be suitable for conversion to offices and are believed to have been built using local black limestone which was rendered at a later date.
    • Externally the houses have a cut stone plinth, rendered walls to first floor level and a solid timber upper floor.
    • Most ‘stone’ castles in Ireland used to be rendered with rough lime-dashed plaster, mainly in white.
    • The ticket office concourse is an imposing double-height area with ceramic floor tiles and rendered walls.
    • Cadamstown was initially built in stone and the current rendered finish was added at a later date.
    • On top the slabs are rendered over to seal them, then covered with oiled mulberry paper to leave a perfectly smooth yellow continuous surface turned up at the skirting.
    • Therefore it is at least possible that they were obliged to use those Fletton bricks in the rendered walls.
  • 5

    (fat) derretir
    • The raw material - New Zealand tallow mostly comes from cattle and sheep, with some contribution from goats, deer and pigs - is rendered into a reasonably clean fat.
    • Add pancetta and cook over low heat until fat is rendered.
    • Add the pancetta and sauté for about 3 minutes, until the bacon is crisp and the fat is rendered.
    • It renders the fat better than straight grilling and helps you avoid that classic barbecue disaster when your meat turns to charcoal on the outside but is still raw in the middle.
    • In a sauté pan over low heat, cook duck breasts skin side down until golden brown and fat is rendered.
    • For the smoked bay scallop chowder: In large pot, cook bacon over medium heat until fat is rendered and meat is slightly browned.
    • The men conducted most of this heavy work, while the women boiled the leaf fat from the entrails to render lard for shortening and lye soap.
    • Add the venison bones, garlic bulb, celeriac, carrots, and bacon and sauté until the bacon fat is rendered, about five minutes.
    • Place the bacon in a large, heavy pot and cook, stirring, over low heat to render the fat, about 5 minutes.
    • In medium non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, cook bacon until its fat is rendered and browns lightly.
    • For the shrimp, bacon and black truffles: In sauté pan, heat bacon over high heat until fat is rendered.