Translation of rendition in Spanish:


interpretación, n.

Pronunciation /rɛnˈdɪʃ(ə)n//rɛnˈdɪʃ(ə)n/


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    interpretación feminine
    he gave us an excellent rendition of the piece nos ofreció una excelente interpretación de la pieza
    • Three contestants have 30 seconds to perform their rendition of what they think will be the music of tomorrow.
    • The crowd reactions to her jazz renditions prompted her to investigate the jazz scene.
    • He really nails the performance overall, and gives some incredibly stirring renditions of some of Malcolm's speeches.
    • In the video, the frumpy seniors perform a piano duet rendition of an old American ballad, ‘Green Fields,’ providing a rather melancholy soundtrack to the entire video.
    • His elegant rendition of Rachmaninov's version of Fritz Kreisler's Liebesfreud was a charming encore.
    • I just sang a rousing rendition of Oh, Canada!
    • A concert rendition enables more concentration on the words without the distraction of stage action.
    • Starting at 7 pm, the night will feature music, poetry and performance, plus a rendition of the new song ‘Six Pack To Go!’
    • As the story goes, these former Argentinian circus carneys came to Canada in search of a better life, while performing rousing renditions of classic rock ballads.
    • They started proceedings with a rousing rendition of the national anthem.
    • The idea is simple: get a load of top bands to pick songs that have reached #1 in the past and perform their own rendition of said song.
    • Also notable is the dramatic rendition of ‘The Ballad of Marie Sanders,’ one of several Bertolt Brecht / Hans Eisler compositions that Hille regularly performs.
    • With its 22-member wood and brass wind concert band, the group promises to present an enjoyable mix of inspiring orchestral classical and contemporary music, spiced with moving vocal renditions by guest artistes.
    • Is there a more beautiful rendition of an American patriotic song?
    • For the last 10 years they have become well known for their renditions of old time duets and for their performances with the ‘Forever Young Golden Girls’ - a tap dancing group for older women.
    • Dancing continued until midnight, when there was a rousing rendition of the national anthem to close the evening.
    • Leanne likes to sing and recently performed a breathtaking rendition of Bette Midler's ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ at her friend's wedding.
    • The bartender than began to sing a stirring rendition of Danny Boy to the crowd with swoons all around.
    • The pianist's dazzling rendition of the Vivace finale was a pianistic tour de force.
    • She performed an incredible live rendition of her greatest hits.