Translation of renown in Spanish:


renombre, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈnaʊn//rəˈnaʊn/


  • 1

    renombre masculine
    fama feminine
    to win renown adquirir renombre
    • of great / high renown de gran renombre
    • of international renown de renombre internacional
    • The band attained renown for the players' high level of technical prowess.
    • And while she had achieved renown on both sides of the Atlantic, southerners scarcely knew her work.
    • In its fourth year, the event continues to gain renown for the number and quality of locally-made patchwork quilts on display.
    • I hope she soon resolves her lawsuit for her late millionaire husband's estate, because this is no way for a lady to make money, no matter how strong her craving for renown.
    • As a violinist he made many international tours, winning renown for his playing of Bach and of contemporary works.
    • Despite a bulging schedule of films and the presence of film-makers of renown, a pall hung over last year's Local Heroes Film Festival.
    • Most bands gain local renown but struggle to win respect beyond their own borders.
    • Not one architect of national or regional renown was on the jury.
    • Over the centuries, such styles gained renown and were eventually taught to non-monks, spreading over China, then all of Asia.
    • All of them are now dead, and most of their names have lost at least some of their former renown, so it is timely that they should be recognised anew.
    • Missing the point of this display entirely, my companion suggests another vegetarian restaurant of renown.
    • In all your travels, which VIP of world renown impressed you the most?
    • It is 60 years in February 2005 since the bombing that forever changed the basis of the city's renown.
    • She won national renown with the publication of a classic history of the Everglades in 1948.
    • This is all the more important as some Canadian researchers have established their careers there and have considerable renown.
    • So it's always shocking to see a celebrity, a person of that kind of renown, brought low.
    • Sadly, these appear to be myths, perhaps attempts to bring some areas renown and/or tourist dollars.
    • Several Irish Americans who have won renown in the military field have been mentioned.
    • Perform this task with perfection and you will bring honour and renown to your village.
    • Her pamphlets on faith and Christian living were gaining renown.