Translation of renowned in Spanish:


de renombre, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈnaʊnd//rɪˈnaʊnd/


  • 1

    (painter/poet/historian) de renombre
    (poet/painter/historian) renombrado
    (painter/poet/historian) conocido
    we visited Malaga, renowned birthplace of Picasso visitamos Málaga, la célebre cuna de Picasso
    • to be renowned for sth
    • the museum is renowned for its collection of … el museo es famoso por su colección de …
    • he is renowned for having discovered penicillin es célebre por haber descubierto la penicilina
    • she is not renowned for her generosity no tiene fama de generosa precisamente
    • Several of the authors are renowned for their expertise in this area of study.
    • The classes he took became renowned for their excellence.
    • Following are the declarations of two well renowned scholars of Hindu philosophy.
    • William would follow in his father's footsteps and also become an renowned architect.
    • Things will never be the same again in a village renowned for its beauty and tranquillity.
    • He was gifted with his hands and was renowned for the quality of his building work.
    • Professor Michael is internationally renowned for his work on artificial plasma solutions and scientific development in relation to major surgery.
    • And, of course, Scotland today is justly renowned as a land entirely without poverty and crime.
    • She was renowned for her fine seamstress abilities down through the years.
    • Jet Propulsion Labs of California are internationally renowned for their astounding scientific achievements.
    • Their grandfather was a renowned concert pianist and composer in Adelaide.
    • Rightly or wrongly, we British may not be renowned for the quality of our cooking.
    • People from all over the world study in this colorful, mountainous country, long renowned for its inexpensive schools.
    • Most world-famous cities have an equally renowned river flowing through them.
    • The towering walls were covered with paintings of the world's most renowned artists.
    • The gallery's current maritime theme is appropriate in a village once renowned as the home of the sea captains.
    • Faye is internationally renowned for his work with military, law enforcement and security forces.
    • The city became a magnet drawing other renowned architects adding their signatures.
    • The 25,000 residents are culturally mixed and renowned for their friendliness.
    • The department has an ambitious publishing program that regularly publishes books by our students and renowned photographers.