Translation of rent-free in Spanish:


exento de alquiler, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌrɛnt ˈˌfri///


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    exento de alquiler
    exento de renta Latin America
    • ‘It's a matter of common sense that you can't get out of the system a rent-free house and an allowance for rental on top,’ said Mr O'Neill.
    • The knock-on effect is that prime rents are down 10 per cent year on year and the market remains a good one for tenants, who continue to benefit from rent-free periods, break clauses and other concessions.
    • ‘Undoubtedly, we will see increasing incentives returning to the market in terms of fit-out allowances and rent-free periods,’ the report says.
    • You could let it out in the meantime, or allow a relative to live in your home rent-free.
    • He also enjoyed within the same framework over a period of 15 years the rent-free occupation of the property.
    • Housesitting and property caretaking can provide you with the opportunity to experience life in a different geographic locale and save money by living rent-free.
    • The programme provides them with rent-free premises for a year, grant support and guidance from partner organisations.
    • Lower rents, rent-free periods and tenant-friendly break clauses are now inserted in deals as a matter of course.
    • The twenty-year-old Louis XIV offered them an unfinished part of the Louvre to use as a rent-free theater.
    • In his final days, he had little money and was living in a house on the Gold Coast, rent-free in exchange for gardening duties.
    • Under the terms of the lease there is a rent-free period of three months in the second quarter of the lease.
    • The apartments will not be rent-free because repairs will always be necessary.
    • The total rent achieved, disregarding the two short rent-free periods, was £108, 500 per annum for the first five years of the terms.
    • Through a system of auctions, public land was rented out to local people and also granted rent-free to immigrants for limited terms.
    • Alternatively, an individual could notify the authorities of the existence of land that had not been assigned, and have priority in renting the land if his offer was highest at auction; he could also ask for a period rent-free.
    • However, they all pose a basic problem: if you continue to live there rent-free the Inland Revenue regards that as a ‘gift with reservation of benefit’.
    • And don't forget, the Lofters each get to live rent-free and get paid $30,000 for the year.
    • The public space is available rent-free for any kind of art related activity.
    • Who can doubt that the Father of the Nation will be offered a comfortable rent-free permanent guest apartment in the new State House, the more easy for passing on instructions?
    • They are providing the building rent-free for 25 years to the theatre company.


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    sin pagar alquiler
    sin pagar renta Latin America