Translation of reorder in Spanish:


reorganizar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈɔrdər//riːˈɔːdə/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hierarchy/files/paragraphs) reorganizar
    (files/hierarchy/paragraphs) volver a ordenar
    • The new scheme reorders the site through a series of strong, simple interventions that civilize the experience of bus travel.
    • It reordered the entire planet in so many different ways.
    • For more judicious control over the order in which the files in a title play, right-click on the title and select Properties, and reorder the tracks using the up and down buttons.
    • As a type of humor or verbal wit, teasing is a device for establishing and reordering social hierarchies.
    • The dangerous stretch of forest was already well within bowshot or he would have opted for stopping where they were to reorder their own ranks and let the enemy - assuming there was an enemy - come to them.
    • Many of an organisation's greatest risks are unknown; the unexpected sources of danger that materialise suddenly can cause an institution to reorder its priorities for risk management.
    • As before, each list was presented in a series of learning and recall trials, with the list reordered in a different random sequence between each presentation.
    • In the vacuum, each side began to suspect the worst and reordered their foreign policies accordingly.
    • So, however corrupt the parentage of the recall, it offers Californians a golden opportunity to send a historic message: that it's time to reorder our policy priorities and get back to serving the people.
    • Jesus reorders power structures among those who wish to follow him.
    • So imagine the complexity of reordering an entire system, all at once, with nothing to go on.
    • Upon entering, he knew that someone had been looking for something; drawers had been opened, the things in cabinets rearranged, stones and crystals on the counters reordered in different piles.
    • I reordered the values so that there was a maximum positive correlation between the two variables.
    • It will sharply boost military spending, reorder budgetary priorities, and put constraints on discretionary spending for other programs.
    • After each pretest, items on the survey were reordered for clarity.
    • The social and moral landscapes of the world must be reordered in accordance with this ‘new reality’, this revelation, this vision of the cosmos.
    • Said ‘reporter’ then scans the other 53 billion other articles that all say the same thing and then reorders the words and submits it for publication.
    • Its aim is to break the logjam that has frustrated Middle East peace for fifty-odd years and then to reorder the map of an entire area to serve the strategic interests of the United States.
    • It was the need to escape this trap that in part led Smithson to reorder the relationship between art and audience along the mundane lines of consumer and consumed.
    • Then in 1993 a near-fatal accident seemed to reorder Houghton's priorities.
  • 2

    (goods/supplies) volver a pedir
    (supplies/goods) volver a encargar
    • Except perhaps for damaged product, these complaints do not involve regulatory issues; however, they may be factors in whether customers will reorder a device.
    • For that matter, it won't be long before customers like Young will be able to reorder supplies through their wireless Palms.
    • In addition, all cancelled urine culture samples would be held in Microbiology for 24-hours post cancellation and reordered immediately upon physician request.
    • Some progress in these areas has resulted in improved in-transit visibility with commensurate savings in airlift and air refueling because of a reduced need to reorder parts and other goods.
    • These were samples that showed either a positive dipstick or a negative dipstick and were reordered on physician request, or not cancelled.
    • Mistakes would happen, and he might lose time in the field by having to reorder the part.
    • The exact same size, model and color of shoe is then reordered for that particular retail location, guaranteeing a steady and predictable flow of inventory for the Foot Locker locations.
    • The agencies need to coordinate personnel, reorder supplies, and report problems and progress back to their home offices.
    • You must have a system to ensure that components coming in are accounted for properly and that canceled items are reordered or obtained from another source.
    • After many phone calls, I was asked to reorder the part.
    • Regardless of the results of the urine dipstick, a provider should always be given the option of reordering a culture based on the patient's clinical findings.
    • Astea's product will allow a customer to track spares, and also has a programme which can automatically reorder certain parts, to maintain a minimum level at all times.
    • Imagine how much easier it would be to reorder parts using a system that automatically queries embedded chips every few minutes and accounts for parts as they are used.
    • Then reorder another cartridge straight away.
    • Using databases, statistical models, and forecasts, the software told him how many of each spare he had, how many he needed, which ones broke down most frequently, and when to reorder them.
    • The store did not come back to us and we told them that if we reordered the vouchers before January we would amend the details.
    • To overcome these distribution inefficiencies, warfighting units frequently found substitute items or reordered the supplies, compounding the congested supply pipeline problem.