Translation of repackage in Spanish:


reempaquetar, v.

Pronunciation: /riˈpækɪdʒ//riːˈpakɪdʒ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (package again, differently)
    • A British parallel importer will buy the drugs in countries such as Spain, where wholesale prices are much lower, and repackage them for the home market.
    • Medications that are not sold in unit-dose packages must be repackaged by hospitals, and this is the point at which problems sometimes occur.
    • After all, imports are already routine in Europe, where middlemen buy drugs in countries with lower prices, such as Spain, and repackage them for resale in nations with higher prices.
    • It's up to the dealer to assemble and repackage the bicycles for shipment.
    • He ran his shop through the American War of Independence, the Spanish occupation and the period when the territory was repackaged into the Louisiana parcel and sold by the French to the British.
    • Now, suppose an EA was conducted in which chips were taken out of their original packages and repackaged in generic bags, such that the subjects could not identify the brand of the chips.
    • The spokesman said responsibility for opening and repackaging goods are the responsibility of the shipper.
    • Other case resellers may simply repackage the case and sell it as is.
    • Europe's demand for these instruments, which repackage commercial mortgages and other loans backed by assets into resaleable bundles, totaled $155 billion so far this year.
    • It now repackages imported shoes to fulfil the Office of Public Works contract and runs with a minimal staff.
    • The range is being repackaged to stress the fact that no artificial additives or colourings are used in the sauces.
    • It would mean that American companies would have to go back, repackage, relabel and rebrand their products.
    • In April, it acquired $185 million in home mortgages from a regional lender, Fukushima Bank Ltd., that it hopes to repackage into bonds and sell off to domestic and international investors.
    • He would like to repackage his debts and obtain a cheaper repayment rate by rolling up his credit card debt into a normal personal loan.
    • He did his latest stint in December, helping volunteers repackage and distribute food in a mixed-income suburb near the Indiana border.
    • As well as distribution services, the company repackages imports and obtains customs clearance for its clients which include dozens of toy shops throughout the country.
    • Though he started his comedy promotions company more than 10 years ago, The Kings of Comedy, which was eventually repackaged into a motion picture, was his first big success.
    • Zeus Creative is charged with repackaging the physical brand of the theatre.
    • Both citationality and nostalgia repackage the past in present styles and for present uses, and both can contribute to Orientalizing backwardness in obvious and direct ways.
    • Now, ‘we're aggressively repackaging and ‘dimensionalizing’ him as a signature sign off,’ said Blacklow.
    • They have been carefully repackaged as ‘all-American girls.’
    • We decided to repackage our borrowed script by decorating it with the appropriate logo and title markings.
    • He has conveniently repackaged many of his main ideas.
    • Slogans and proposals which have been around for years will be repackaged and resold as if they were new.
    • It is quite normal for old concepts to be repackaged and reproduced as new ideas.
    • Only Willis has successfully repackaged himself.
    • And this inevitable gulf between what they were and how they're repackaged is probably why so many people abhor the idea of their favourite band getting back together to relive their glory days.
    • The north-west is not the only region to repackage itself.
  • 2

    (present differently)
    presentar de forma diferente