Translation of repartee in Spanish:


conversación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌrɛpɑːˈtiː//ˌrɛpˌɑrˈteɪ//ˌrɛpərˈti//ˌrɛpˌɑrˈti/


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    conversación feminine
    plática feminine
    we listened to their witty repartee escuchamos su ingenioso intercambio
    • He's crying out for his own chat show, where his facility for quickfire repartee would come into its own.
    • With our love of repartee, we Irish would challenge the snappiest New York scriptwriter, if only we stayed sober long enough to remember our quips.
    • Madcap banter and witty repartee were the way everyone conversed.
    • The script is pleasantly unpredictable, with some witty yet believably sharp repartee, especially between Jo and her mother.
    • When he is not exchanging repartee directly with his beloved, Tom affects the cynicism of a full-blown Restoration rake.
    • Vivian I'm not like you, witty repartee is not one of my gifts.
    • You always seem to have a quick remark or witty repartee.
    • The imbalanced pacing makes it difficult to appreciate the profound monologues and witty repartee that follow the long stretches of absurdity.
    • Even though the thugs are armed with knives and chains, Edward is able to rebuff them with witty repartee and by revealing that his chauffeur carries a gun.
    • With witty repartee like that, it's a mystery why the woman hasn't already made a successful career for herself as a celebrity chef.
    • Young, feisty Iris leaves her creaky, would-be suitor in the dust as they engage in the sort of witty, erudite repartee that exists only in films.
    • I only regret that I don't have some witty repartee to entertain myself as I write this review, but I think I'm still in shock.
    • Cagney and Sylvia Sidney also worked well together, reflecting Cagney's respect for Sidney as an actor and also his enjoyment of her adeptness at witty repartee.
    • Yeah, he's a pop genius, but his cool, affable swagger and clever repartee are the perfect complement to the more extroverted, outgoing personalities of Dahle and Ms. Case.
    • Shining with repartee between two great wits, the play is a masterful compendium of playful banter revealing Shaw and Mrs Patrick Campbell in scenes of both confrontation and reconciliation.
    • Their effortless and witty repartee rivals any comedy duo that came before or after.
    • Vithabai with her quick repartee and imaginative extempore dialogues and a vibrating singing voice brought about many changes in the Tamasha performance repertoire.
    • The repartee is often funny, and the supporting characters hilarious.
    • If you get bored watching Connery drive his Aston Martin to a romantic rendezvous for some witty repartee, the movie will likely bore you.
    • The witty repartee, the insults, and the jabs were all so natural.
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    respuesta feminine
    réplica feminine formal literary