Translation of repatriate in Spanish:


repatriar, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈpeɪeɪt//riˈpeɪtriˌeɪt//riːˈpatrɪeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (prisoners of war/immigrants) repatriar
    to repatriate foreign earnings hacer ingresar al país beneficios percibidos en el extranjero
    • Hong Kong's Secretary for Security Ambrose Lee proposed to Beijing on Wednesday repatriating mainland-born prisoners, but the proposal would not be reciprocal for Hong Kong people serving terms in mainland China.
    • It wants to repatriate all non-European foreigners.
    • Minister McDowell is also busy repatriating illegal immigrants.
    • Foreign ships relayed the news and some called in at Japanese ports to deliver relief supplies and repatriate foreigners who wished to leave.
    • He fears that he will not be able to do the same if he is repatriated now.
    • The representatives in Zaire from the World Bank have sent a memo to Washington in which they report that it was abandoning its factory and repatriating its staff.
    • The end of the war, a veteran's education scheme and the shortage of shipping space for repatriating Canadian soldiers gave him the opportunity to go up to Cambridge.
    • He did not see active service during the war, but drove ambulances for the American Field Service and at war's end worked in Calcutta to repatriate prisoners of war.
    • It does indeed seem counterintuitive to continue the heartbreaking and futile process of militarizing the area, bullying and repatriating people like the two men we see taking a furtive, impromptu bath at a hotel fountain in Matamoros.
    • The small country on the west coast of Africa was concocted, in 1822, by a group of American Quakers and slaveholders looking to repatriate former slaves, to give them a better shot at freedom.
    • Erskine, the Quaker, offered to serve as a stretcher-bearer, but the British Embassy refused to repatriate people not prepared to join the armed forces.
    • According to the peace accord, Zimbabwe must repatriate its troops.
    • But slowly, both for financial and logistical reasons, it appeared that repatriating the whole family to Belgium for two months was not the perfect solution either.
    • During the 1990s, major efforts in Eritrea centered around rebuilding the country and repatriating refugees.