Translation of repay in Spanish:


devolver, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈpeɪ//rəˈpeɪ//riːˈpeɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (loan/money) devolver
    (debt) pagar
    (debt) cancelar
    I have to repay him tengo que devolverle el dinero
    • So, if you can comfortably afford the repayments, why not repay your loan over a shorter term, say, three years instead of four?
    • The loans were converted into shares when Orb Estates proved unable to repay the loans and under stock exchange rules Lynch Talbot was required to bid for the rest of the company at stg 60p.
    • A plan loan must be secured so that, in the event the participant is unable to repay the loan, the security is available to satisfy the participant's outstanding loan obligation.
    • Loans are repaid in monthly instalments over an agreed period.
    • This prompted concerns that lenders were focusing on market share and volume growth rather than their customer's ability to repay loans and mortgages in an increasingly difficult economy.
    • It relates to one of my three endowment policies, which at maturity in seven years time will not be sufficient to repay my mortgage loan.
    • Endowment Mortgages use an endowment policy to provide life insurance and save funds to repay the loan at the end of the term.
    • This type of insurance protects the lender in the event the borrower is unable to repay the loan.
    • As recession looms, how much banks increase reserves depends on how bad they think the downturn will be and how many debtors may have trouble repaying their loans.
    • In most cases, the rate at which the loan is repaid is the same as the chosen mortgage rate of the customer.
    • Not all students will be able to start repaying loans immediately, which is where Ulster Bank and AIB (to a lesser degree) are more competitive.
    • They need to earn a return that will be sufficient to eventually repay the loan.
    • When the loan is repaid and the land becomes free of the mortgage again, the mortgagor is said to redeem the land.
    • If you receive a red letter, there is a high risk of you being unable to repay your mortgage at the end of the endowment's term.
    • Because there is virtually no prospect of the loans being repaid, it creates a condition of maximum financial instability.
    • It was gratifying that people in the district were appreciative of the services that Pride Zambia was providing and that they were playing their part by repaying the loans.
    • By adding these funds to his loan repayments, he can repay his loan in 13 years.
    • The fact is you are paying your insurance premiums to the bank to protect them against you being unable to repay the loan.
    • However you do have various options and the key aspect is to combat the shortfall so that you do not find yourself unable to repay the mortgage at the end of the term.
    • Making sure you can repay your mortgage loan is one of the most basic financial needs
  • 2

    (favor/hospitality/kindness) pagar
    (hospitality/kindness/favor) corresponder a
    how can I ever repay you your generosity? no sé cómo voy a poder corresponder a su generosidad
    • this is how you repay me! ¡así me lo pagas!
    • the novel is difficult to read, but it repays the effort la novela es difícil de leer pero vale la pena el esfuerzo / te resarce del esfuerzo
    • to repay sb for sth
    • I'd like to repay them for their kindness quisiera corresponder a su amabilidad
    • Maybe we can hope that she'll repay the favour on their next outing.
    • As Bob Gottlied and Irene Wolt have documented in their history of the Times, the editors repaid Richardson for his service with a juicy promotion to staff reporter.
    • Lamb undertook the charge of his sister, who remained liable to periodic breakdowns, and she repaid him with great sympathy and affection.
    • Kong saves her many times from the carnivorous dinosaurs and she repays him with her trust.
    • And he's done me a favour so I'm repaying him, so don't you lot be so mean to him.
    • Now we would like to repay the kindness, not only in the economic field, but also in education,’ he said.
    • His donation documents show his concern to provide a properly dignified and devout burial for himself and to repay the kindness of his neighbor Giovan Simone for taking care of him in his infirm old age.
    • For So Little Time, Coleman repays the favour, joining Otter's band for three of the album's eight tracks.
    • To repay Arthur for once saving his life, Ford wants Arthur to join him as he flees the doomed planet.
    • Three decades later and Constance, by now a barrister, repaid the favour by successfully acting for the school when it mutated into a hotel and sought a liquor licence.
    • Michael saw it as characteristic of Miss Laudon's graciousness to repay her friend's loyalty in this way.
    • Amelia would take Colonel Dobbin not as a rich, but as a poor man - thus atoning for her ‘selfishness’ over the years, and repaying his kindness when she was penniless.
    • Now the company is repaying their loyalty and hard work by throwing one in eight of staff on the dole’.
    • But he silently vowed, with all the resolve that had brought him off the streets of Kyoto to the New Jerusalem of America, that one day, in some way, he would repay this kindness.
    • If William II visited John Peter in the west and John repaid the favour in London, we might inquire what opportunities for social broadening a visit by John or Will Peter to their London cousin entailed.
    • Eliza once saved an African shaman who repaid her kindness by bestowing her with the ability to talk with critters.
    • Rowena says that Ivanhoe was just repaying her many kindnesses.
    • Smart people will repay you for your generosity many times over with their trust.
    • So, will the morally dubious Sinbad high-tail it off to the safety of Bali, or will he keep his word, risk life and limb to find the book, and repay the loyalty his good friend has shown him?
    • To a casual viewer that's just an ugly woman on the till, but if you're a fan it repays your loyalty.