Translation of repeat in Spanish:


repetir, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈpit//rɪˈpiːt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(say again)

      (sound/word/sentence) repetir
      could you repeat the question? ¿podría repetir la pregunta?
      • Even if you've read everything that Moore has ever written, and know this already, it bears repeating.
      • This Haitian Vodou praise exclamation was immediately picked up and repeated by all of the Beninese participants as if it had already become part of Benin's Vodun liturgy.
      • As the Chief Justice has already covered many facets of the film, I will try not to repeat most of what he has already said.
      • The consequences for the French Army are too well known to need repeating here.
      • I don't think I need to repeat what I've already said about this film.
      • The name Susanna is also repeated, echoing that same vowel and sibilant.
      • When the question was met with laughter, he merely repeated: ‘No, seriously, who are you?’
      • Fisher repeated over and over that, to him, the question of the nature of capital and interest was directly linked to precise eugenic assumptions on the nature of economic agents.
      • ‘Thank you,’ Bill repeated, speaking in German again, enunciating carefully.

    • 1.2(divulge)

      don't repeat this, will you, but ... no lo vayas a contar, pero ...
      • And more often than not, people just repeat what they heard.
      • Without repeating too much of what I wrote there seven years ago, I want to add some highlights that I only alluded to or didn't have the space to discuss in that essay.
      • I may be repeating what Armin wrote, but I'll say it anyway.
      • Similarly, Lee repeats Carter's greeting to his black buddies and creates many funny situations.
      • And to overcome him is to repeat him, with a difference.
      • The word ‘ONE’ is repeated twice on the inside of the front cover, very boldly but without further colour.
      • We can take that small gift, and rather than give in to the emptiness, the ever-echo that merely repeats us back to us - we can sing through it, and listen for something else.
      • But he admitted they were words that could not be repeated in a family newspaper.
      • In other words, the CIA's educated guess, endlessly repeated in the media, appears to have been mistaken.
      • I won't repeat what's been written extensively on how to store paper archives.
      • I'll repeat here what I wrote as part of a much longer post on my blog.
      • I like the repeated joke - a situation that is repeated so often that people laugh a lot when it first happens; laugh again because they recognise it.
      • The men continue to repeat Billy's blessing, but the Captain is not moved.
      • Bailey said he had merely repeated what people were saying he had done.
      • It's a film with a few biblical themes in it, either from the quick glances of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, or from the words that Ben-Hur repeats to Arrius or other figures.
      • In his only reported speech in ‘The Grand Inquisitor,’ Christ repeats his own canonical words ‘Talitha cumi!’
      • What struck me immediately, and throughout the short journey, was that the two ladies' command of the English language was restricted to only two words ‘No car’ which they kept repeating over and over.
      • By repeating the real Sherman's original words, the text implies that the caller is in fact Sherman.
      • His point has been repeated, almost word for word, by US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher.
      • He also repeated Judge Woolsey's famous remark about Ulysses being ‘emetic rather than erotic’ though he did not refer the court to his source.

    • 1.3US (recite)

      (lesson/poem) repetir
      (lesson/poem) recitar
      • Forum director Fleur Knopperts said she had yet to decide whether or not to repeat the experiment.
      • Those who violate the Can Spam Act could be fined up to $5,000 for each violation - repeat offenders could even get jail time.
      • This result lines up well with previous studies that also find repeated instances of biased consensus forecasts.
      • There he repeated the pattern of moving up through the ranks, and he was appointed BP's manager of acquisitions and disposals in 1993.
      • The film stands up to and even demands repeated viewings, and that makes it the perfect candidate for purchase.
      • As if she wished to be understood as the mother of science fiction, Shelley repeated her futuristic experiment, publishing The Last Man in 1826.
      • He repeats it once too often, and it begs the question, ‘From whom?’
      • We repeated our experiment more often than was necessary to prove the point.
      • This pattern was repeated during WWII, during German occupation, and later by successive Communist regimes.
      • The results were so promising that Finley and Davis decided to repeat the experiment.
      • Having already reached safe ground, his father hesitates for some time before attempting a rescue, more or less repeating the behavior of the two previous instances.
      • Because it is becoming less and less likely every day that they will prosper by attempting to repeat the actions of the Baby Boomers who came before them.
      • Is it Doherty, who was repeating a pattern of bad behavior?
      • The danger is that of repeating the old error: attempting to install a quick-fix imported system, rather than build or at least adapt one that is genuinely suited to local conditions.
      • Kids will practice repeating various rhythms as well as moving to the beat.
      • Gass repeated the experiment dozens of times - and each time the blade stopped immediately.
      • That's why an experimenter will repeat his experiment, and average the results.
      • Who wants to repeat the same functions again and again?
      • The shock came when he repeated the experiment, this time telling volunteers which brand they were tasting.
      • However, the exasperation over repeat offenders is completely reasonable.

  • 2

    (do again)
    (procedure/movement/experiment) repetir
    school University (course/year) repetir
    Music (phrase/chorus/bar) repetir
    it was an experience I wouldn't care to repeat fue una experiencia que no desearía repetir
    • the design is repeated every two inches el dibujo se repite cada dos pulgadas
    • the store is repeating its special offer on Brazilian coffee la tienda vuelve a tener una oferta especial de café brasileño
    • one of our most popular serials ever is to be repeated vuelve una de nuestras series más populares
    • this episode will be repeated on Sunday el episodio se volverá a emitir / transmitir el domingo
    • Young children often repeat grades because teachers or parents feel they have not acquired the appropriate academic or social skills to advance to the next grade.
    • She knew that she could press ahead - and try to pass a retest in a month or two - but faculty members encouraged her to think about repeating her second-year coursework instead.
    • I missed 2 weeks of school and almost had to repeat second grade.
    • I was in the classroom with Merce for over ten years and not once did he repeat a class.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to repeat oneself repetirse
    • history repeats itself la historia se repite

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (stressing instruction, statement)
    repeat after me repitan lo que digo
    • this is not, (I) repeat, not an exercise esto no es un simulacro, repito, no es un simulacro
  • 2

    to repeat on sb
    • onions repeat on me la cebolla me repite
  • 3repeating pres p

    (rifle) de repetición
    (watch/clock) de repetición
  • 4



  • 1

    repetición feminine
    we want to avoid a repeat of last year's fiasco queremos evitar que se repita el desastre del año pasado
    • repeat performance repetición
    • it's a repeat performance of last year's crisis se repite la misma historia que cuando la crisis del año pasado
    • a repeat visit una nueva visita
  • 2

    Television Radio
    (of program) repetición feminine
    (of a series) reposición feminine
    (of a series) retransmisión feminine
  • 3

    repetición feminine
    before noun repeat sign doble barra de repetición feminine
  • 4

    (on wallpaper, fabric)
    pattern repeat: three inches el dibujo se repite cada tres pulgadas