Translation of repent in Spanish:


arrepentirse, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈpɛnt//rɪˈpɛnt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to repent of sth arrepentirse de algo
    • The Space Pirates are just too ruthless to get talked into repenting their ways.
    • And repenting them, according to fixed law, is the only way to pass God's test.
    • For this affront, Prometheus was punished terribly by Zeus, yet he never repented his act.
    • I had repented all my sin and I showed no more inclination for young men.
    • For the love of God, Allah, Yahweh and the winds willing repent your sins!
    • He repents his ways and gives the impoverished Cratchit a large pay increase, followed by significant donations to charity.
    • In 1536, Angela Greca repented her life as a courtesan and became a nun in the convent of the convertite.
    • Maybe they could be shamed into repenting their sexuality.
    • When he has once taken those steps, the wage must rise; even if the workman's share in the profit does not come to him quite as quickly; he has no occasion to repent it.
    • It must be noted that the postwar Dutch government, compared with its counterparts in other countries, has done an exemplary job of honestly documenting-and repenting of-its people's wartime collaboration.
    • It seems rather redundant to spend your entire life repenting it just to end up in some place for all eternity.
    • Sounds like you're repenting your new habit.
    • Midas repented his wish, and Bacchus took away the gold touch, but later Midas found himself in trouble again.
    • On several levels Mary is unsympathetic - she doesn't repent her murder, she shuns the affection of her loved ones, and continues to obsess about her lover.
    • The only way that can happen is if all of the girls admit and repent their sins.
    • Judgement tympana warned the congregation to repent their sins, with graphic illustrations of sinners going to hell.
    • Osborne Hamley is bitterly estranged from his father, but when Osborne dies and the secret of his marriage is revealed, Squire Hamley, repenting his harshness, adopts Osborne's baby son.
    • While acknowledging and repenting my reporting errors, would I still choose it as one of our company's Worst Boards ever?
    • Magdalen is not only brought ‘safely through all kinds of actual and positive wrongdoing without fatal or even serious damage’ but also achieves happiness because she avows and does not repent her past life.
    • It is reasonable to assume that Lucrezia Scanatoria had repented her former life of sin before she died.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (impiety/deeds/sins) arrepentirse de