Translation of repine in Spanish:


afligirse, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈpʌɪn//rəˈpaɪn/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    atribularse literary
    to repine at/against sth lamentarse de algo
    • A lonely widow repining for the past while enduring the boisterous attentions of her clumsy Irish housekeeper encounters a cripple collecting money for an invalid hospital.
    • Then he is envious, covetous, jealous and mistrustful, timorous, sordid, outwardly dissembling, sluggish, suspicious, stubborn, a condemner of women, a close liar, malicious, murmuring, never contented, ever repining.
    • The narrator related that he had learned ‘never to repine at my own misfortunes, or to envy the happiness of another, since it is impossible for any man to form right judgement of his neighbor's sufferings.’
    • The objective may seem to some an unworthy one but it takes account of the realities without repining uselessly over them.
    • The Soviet government did not waste time repining over Daoud.