Translation of replay in Spanish:


volver a jugar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈpleɪ//riːˈpleɪ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (game/match) volver a jugar
    (game/match) repetir
  • 2

    (play back)
    (tape/record) volver a poner
    the incident was replayed in slow motion el incidente se volvió a pasar en cámara lenta
    • Fu rewinds the tape, and as he replays it, he reads aloud Zhao's letter to her.
    • To replay a digital recording, the stream of pulses is again scanned and the original wave-form reconstructed with any desired degree of accuracy.
    • Over the course of the next week the images of these planes hitting the Towers would be replayed so often that they are now ghostly visions forever imprinted on my mind.
    • He rewinds the tape to replay a passage about a girl he was courting at the time, and the ineffable sadness that creeps over his face is heartbreaking.
    • The scene is replayed in slow motion from a different angle, as the narration kicks in and Henry patiently explains why the man - their friend - had to die.
    • I guarantee you'll find yourself replaying this scene over and over.
    • At first I thought this was a technical glitch with the DVD, so I reversed and replayed the sequence over again three or four times, and there was no skipping and the time display on my player didn't skip at all.
    • ‘I've been replaying it at different speeds,’ says Borcherdt.
    • Back in the family apartment, Giovanni plays a CD that contains one of Andrea's favorite tunes; he keeps replaying one seven-second sample that reminds him of a precious moment with his son.
    • All this is to say that I don't know why in the world these studios don't jump on replaying these films.
    • The bottom of the frame forms a bureau-like shelf that holds a video monitor that replays the act of Kendrick's drawing the seven dwarves on her hands.
    • A monitor in the gallery replayed a short video showing the blinding flash as lightning traveled down the copper filaments from rocket to earth.
    • The tape replays the scene endlessly, just as the myths of the West are repeated so often that they have become clichés.
    • If the assessors disagree about a candidate's prospects, they can go to the videotape and replay a critical moment.
    • In this respect, the music must be relevant, and replaying a radio broadcast won't do the trick.
    • Fingering the pages she carefully composed, I replay the intimate record that she left behind, one that she may have shared with only her closest companions.
    • I replayed the episodes, and I'm sure I answered some of the questions differently, but the outcome was exactly the same.
    • A feature entitled From Storyboards to Screen replays the key getaway sequence from the film, with the original storyboards inserted in picture-in-picture format.
    • In a cinema, we can certainly savour our sublime ‘moment’ if what we see stirs feelings of panic; watching a video, we can replay the occasion and ‘pause’ it as many times as we wish.
    • We would replay our favorite bits, and quote the movie to one another constantly.



  • 1

    repetición (de la jugada) feminine
  • 2

    (de un partido) repetición feminine
    • This obsessive attention to detail carries through to all aspects of the game - you can spend days messing around with the replays alone.
    • Crowds started to return, and it was apparent that replays of matches, as well as football-related panel and game shows, were attracting new fans to the game.
    • If he or she is a pay-television customer, replays of all matches are available for viewing during the week.
    • With victory achieved over their demons and the ‘old enemy’, Marjorie's suggestion that Brixton host the replay is received with muted indifference.