Translation of replica in Spanish:


réplica, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈrɛpləkə//ˈrɛplɪkə/


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    réplica feminine
    reproducción feminine
    • Scale is a ceramic replica of a bathroom scale - impossible to use, for it would surely break under anyone's weight - imprinted by two feet, one of which has left behind its five toes.
    • One of the most striking pieces on view was Volkswagen Tire, a scale replica of a car tire made of fired black Oaxaca clay, which was placed on a low-lying pedestal in the center of the main gallery.
    • This brand new property is now an exact replica of the original building, with just the addition of a small entrance porch.
    • That way, if customers see something that they like in a store and want an exact replica, they can have it that week.
    • Over the next several decades, Knott added a mine ride, a log flume, and, for educational value, an exact replica of Philadelphia's Independence Hall.
    • The book, which reviewer Nanette Byrnes called ‘fresh and compelling,’ sets the stage by describing how for hundreds of years, inventors tried to figure out how to make exact replicas of documents.
    • The styles of the canonical masters, as transmitted through tracing copies and replicas, may thus be considered a kind of DNA imprint from which all subsequent idioms emerge.
    • And next August, the Ripken World Series will be played in Aberdeen on a scale replica of Camden Yards, Ripken's home ballpark.
    • One 1993 photograph, for instance, shows the replica Monument to the People's Heroes, but only by means of a partial reflection in a rain puddle.
    • If windows must be replaced and are beyond repair, they should be replaced with exact replicas - sliding sashes must be replaced by sliding sashes and not with swing out windows.
    • The new construction is either an exact replica in style and form of the old part or done in complete contrast, with the aim of highlighting the difference between the periods.
    • The artifacts on display include replicas of a model of Louis XII's throne with a commode fitted to the seat, bathroom palazzo from Britain, ones shaped like a book, a globe, a treasure chest and western commodes in various designs.
    • But beware: the popularity of the Speedster has led to many replicas and kit-car copies being built; those who are tempted to go after one will want to have a Porsche expert in tow.
    • We would sail in an exact replica of James Cook's original Endeavour as near as possible under eighteenth-century conditions, but with the clear understanding that we were twenty-first-century travelers.
    • Then during the storm, extras hired by the promoter would run around the audience in their exact replicas of the onscreen monster costumes, causing general mayhem.
    • ‘Finally, the city allowed me to tear it down but required me to build an exact replica of the original,’ says Peebles.
    • Young Irish Eagle Pedal Planes are replicas of vintage models such as the F14 Tomcat from Top Gun.
    • The primer-gray monuments are one-third scale replicas of existing commemorative markers scattered throughout the U.S.
    • The city has estimated that it would cost $110,000 to raze the existing work and rebuild an exact replica.
    • A scale replica of the Church of St. Margaret, for example, was built near Mapledurham for scenes of windows being blown out and masonry shattered in the battle sequences.