Translation of repoint in Spanish:


rejuntar, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈpɔɪnt//riˈpɔɪnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (con mortero) rejuntar
    • The work will include repointing, installing wall tiles across the whole facade of the building and other minor remedial work.
    • The latest, most anxiety-making defects are in the sexton's cottage in Timolin (in need of re-slating with new lathes) and Kinneagh Church, which urgently needs repointing of the east and west walls at the very least.
    • In any case, you will need to repoint the brickwork.
    • The other key aspect of the restoration involved repointing the exterior masonry, in the facades of limestone, sandstone, and granite.
    • The design team exposed the existing textures by sandblasting and repointing stone and brickwork.
    • He's been up it and on my roof repointing the chimney and removing a rogue bush that's got ideas of grandeur.
    • More recently still, the gable walls of the old church have been repointed and the valuable stained-glass window by Michael Healy protected by storm-glazing.
    • It is expected that the work, including roof repairs and repointing the spire and tower will take six months to complete.
    • The windows have been replaced in teak double-glazing throughout, the tower house has been repointed, and modern plumbing and a peat-based waste system have been installed.
    • So the walkway has been closed off and the builders are in to repoint the masonry, since the bees can't get into any mortar that isn't old and soft.
    • The project will involve constructing a new timber roof deck above clock faces, dismantling and rebuilding parapets and pinnacles, recovering the lead roof, repointing buttresses and repairing knave roof timbers and rainwater goods.
    • They discovered he was dealing with two builders who had offered to repair a ridge tile for £5 and then agreed to repoint the chimney stack for £400.
    • Work required on the church is to the tower, including a new roof, repointing the buttresses and repair to the internal floors.
    • That will include repointing all stonework, replacing the roof and installing a new heating system.
    • As and when required by the Landlord to cleanse and repoint the external stone and brickwork of the demised premises
    • In 1999, Metro Waterproofing, Scottdale, Ga., undertook the job of cleaning and repointing the historic exterior.
    • Other work carried out on the church during a seven-month period last year includes renovation of the tower, a new flagpole and repointing of much of the masonry.
    • Cracked mortar between bricks should also be repointed by carefully removing and replacing any unsound mortar.
    • The mauve-coloured external stone was repointed with lime mortar to allow the walls to breathe.
    • Over the past 20 years the parish has repointed the spire, replaced large sections of the roof, and even restored the church organ.