Translation of report in Spanish:


informe, n.

Pronunciation: /rɪˈpɔːt//rəˈpɔrt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (account) informe masculine
      (piece of news) noticia feminine
      (in newspaper) reportaje masculine
      (in newspaper) crónica feminine
      reports are coming in of a coup están llegando noticias de un golpe de estado
      • latest reports indicate that ... las últimas informaciones indican que ...
      • The report documented why babies and children are uniquely vulnerable to fetal and developmental effects from exposure to certain pesticides.
      • Other companies have been known to give their shareholders small tokens of their appreciation along with their annual reports.
      • According to US media reports, they are given sleeping pills on their return from flights, which the pilots call ‘no-go pills’.
      • Little more than a week before the court was due to consider the matter, newspaper reports featured a rehash of allegations made against O'Leary and others during 1995.
      • Media reports during the week suggested that Meteor was creating tension with Lucent by offering a tender for a second equipment provider.
      • A good case can be made against foreign aid simply by perusing the official documents and reports published by government lending agencies themselves.
      • Media reports have suggested Vivendi was unhappy with the general level of offers and was hoping to push the bidders higher.
      • ‘When I look at the newspapers, reports from the media, it is rarely an issue in the Japanese media,’ he said.
      • Silverstein would not be drawn on future applications for the search engine, but media reports have suggested that the company is working on a version of the browser for mobile phones.
      • Unwanted annual reports and other shareholder documents may also bother you.
      • The memo was then added to the report as the documents I would be asked to identify to the Inquiry.
      • On Thursday, six men (described in media reports as dissident republican suspects) were arrested in raids in England.
      • It doesn't matter if you're selling expensive photos for annual reports, cheeky babywear or a religion.
      • If her partner had suffered trial by media, in their reports about his being the prime suspect, his libel action allowed the papers the latitude to outline just why.
      • A European Commission transport spokesman said the Commission had no intention of limiting the height of vehicles in member states, as suggested by some newspaper reports.
      • Damiano credits media reports on the many beneficial properties of tea are the primary reason for the increased demand.
      • No matter how often a vision is published in annual reports and advertisements, it seldom weathers a change in the market.
      • The political background of the former lecturer in Marxist sociology was also more complex than the media reports suggested.
      • In 1559, a Venetian government official transcribed a report by a Persian traveller who observed the popular Chinese pastime of drinking tea.
      • I make a note for my official report that the presumption of innocence has yet again been violated.
      • Media reports at the time described Yeltsin as ‘a brash bear of a man from the Urals brought to Moscow to boost Gorbachev's reform efforts’.
      • When reading the annual reports, spend more time in the footnotes than perusing the letters from president and portfolio manager.
      • No one expects CEOs to deliver sermons rather than annual reports.
      • In 1969, there was even an official report recommending that Japan embark on a weapons programme.
      • The bulk of an analyst's work is contained in the body of the research report.
      • Compare Bill's account of their removal from Palm Island with the voice over version from the media report of the time.
      • Media reports suggest Eircom does not intend to use the proceeds of any refinancing to repay equity.
      • Conflicting reports in the U.S. media while top-notch intelligence and on the spot sources tell the story otherwise, are important to keep an eye on.
      • There were also ‘friendly fire’ casualties to which many media reports made ongoing reference.
      • This is in addition to handling the media's economic news reports and requests for an analysis of the economic implications of recent events.
      • However one defines its official status, the report is to a considerable degree at variance with the picture of the Communist Party of the United States given by historians of the American left.
      • She has investigated the events, the media reports and testimony from victims of those attacks.
      • Confirmation of the shortcomings of annual reports comes from Merchant, a designer of such documents.
      • Unconfirmed media reports have suggested Vivas will launch later this month, once it signs up AIB as a shareholder and obtains regulatory approval.
      • The pared-down macroeconomics chapters are far more in line with Bush administration thinking than press reports suggest.
      • That year the first report documenting the violations of the freedom of the press is released.
      • Many of Los Tigres's songs are inspired by events in newspaper reports, or stories passed on by fans.
      • The six files on Kenwood also contain condition reports, annual accounts and minutes.
      • In accordance with its policy, the WHO does not compile its own findings from China, instead waiting for official Chinese reports.
      • In light of the new proposals, The Sunday Business Post examined the annual reports and accounts of a number of major charities and also looked at some high-profile smaller charities.

    • 1.2(evaluation)

      informe masculine
      reporte masculine Mexico
      medical report parte médico masculine
      • she got a good/bad report tuvo buenas/malas calificaciones / notas
      • annual report memoria (anual)
      • official/Government report informe oficial/del Gobierno
      • (in UK) Law Reports relación de pleitos y causas

    • 1.3render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)British (assessment from teacher)

      boletín de calificaciones masculine
      boletín de notas masculine
      libreta de calificaciones feminine Latin America
      reporte masculine Mexico

    • 1.4US (written, school assignment)

      redacción feminine
      a book report una reseña sobre un libro
      • to give an oral report on sth exponer / reseñar algo oralmente
      • It is written in the books of St Xavier in Partibus that a report of Kim's progress was forwarded at the end of each term to Colonel Creighton and to Father Victor, from whose hands duly came the money for his schooling.
      • Teachers can enter progress reports for each student and print a summary progress report when desired.
      • The teacher completes a report and returns it to the student's school counselor at the end of each grading period.
      • Along the way, I must qualify extreme principles in various ways and then challenge my students with examinations and term paper reports about my lectures.

  • 2

    • 2.1(hearsay)

      rumor masculine
      report has it / according to report según se dice
      • It's been two years since we first began to hear reports of a promising new wave stirring in Thailand, a country whose cinematic past is almost completely unknown in the West.
      • We never get a complete picture of Sayonara, merely a series of lively second-hand reports, which is very much the point - through these she achieves a mythical status.
      • According to recent reports, Attorney General Michael McDowell is examining legal options to tackle this growth industry.
      • The FFI scientists also heard reports of the existence of a seldom-seen large mammal related to goats or cattle and known to the local people as khting vor, the FFI said.
      • It was reported that Anne Heffernan had personally contacted the newspaper to complain about the story.
      • Of course, for auctioneers, word of mouth is a great form of gaining new business but there is no harm in background checks after you have heard favourable reports.
      • While in Britain, he said he had heard reports that assets ‘went missing all over the place’.
      • We're hearing reports from a lot of people in Houston, San Antonio and other places that they're happy there, they might not want to go back.
      • Ever hear the report of a lost tribe found in the rainforests of Brazil?

    • 2.2(reputation)

      of good/evil report de buena/mala reputación / fama

  • 3

    estallido masculine
    detonación feminine formal
    • Their rifles made a common report, when, sinking on his wounded limb, part of the body of the savage came into view.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (relate, announce)
    several people reported seeing the tiger varias personas dijeron haber visto al tigre
    • he is reported to own several wells se dice que es dueño de varios pozos de petróleo
    • many companies reported increased profits muchas empresas anunciaron un incremento en sus beneficios
  • 2

    informar sobre
    reportear Andes Mexico
    the news was widely reported la noticia fue ampliamente divulgada
  • 3

    (accident) informar de
    (accident) dar parte de
    dar parte de
    reportar Latin America
    nothing to report nada que informar
    • to report sth to sb dar parte de algo a algn
    • to report sth stolen/sb missing reportar el robo de algo/la desaparición de algn
  • 4

    reportar Latin America
    reportar a algn a algn Latin America
    to report sb to sb denunciar a algn a algn
    • I will report you to the authorities lo denunciaré a las autoridades

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (reporter) informar
    reportear algo Andes Mexico
    Alice Jones reporting from Kabul Alice Jones, desde Kabul
    • she reports for the Post es corresponsal del Post
    • to report on sth informar sobre algo
  • 2

    (present report)
    (committee) presentar un informe
  • 3

    (present oneself)
    reportarse Latin America
    Private Wood reporting for duty, sir! soldado Wood se presenta, mi teniente (/ sargento etc. )
    • to report sick dar parte de enfermo / de enfermedad
    • report to the reception desk/your supervisor preséntese en recepción/a su supervisor
  • 4

    (be accountable)
    to report to sb reportar a algn
    • you will report to the finance director reportará al director financiero