Translation of report stage in Spanish:

report stage


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    (in UK)
    fase durante la cual se debaten los informes de las comisiones especializadas sobre un proyecto de ley
    • They called for ministers to drop the proposals contained in clause seven of the Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimants, etc) Bill, which begins its report stage in the House of Commons today.
    • Dr Brand said that he planned to raise a series of amendments to the bill at the report stage on 14 April.
    • The Bill will now go to the report stage and a third reading before it becomes law.
    • Half of those questioned in the initial report stage believe that Bluetooth remains under threat from competing wireless technologies.
    • This is the day the hunting bill reaches the report stage in the House of Commons.
    • The bill, as amended, goes back to the full House for its report stage: this is a rather less thorough and less time-consuming version of the committee stage, but taken on the floor of the House.
    • On the report stage of the Bill in the House of Lords a question was raised as to the application of the right to buy provisions to dwellings situated in what was described as ‘open space or parkland’.
    • But the Bill runs out of time during its report stage in the commons.
    • The Government has announced the report stage of the hunting bill will take place on Monday, June 30.
    • Introducing the legislation, Mr Morley said that in recognition of strong opinions on both sides of the argument, Labour MPs would be given a free vote when the Bill reached its report stage.
    • The Tories and Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment for the Lords report stage of the European Parliamentary and Local Elections Bill, due on February 23.
    • The findings come as the Government's Hunting Bill, which bans hare coursing and stag hunting but allows some fox hunting to continue under licence, awaits the report stage in the Commons.
    • Justice Minister Michael McDowell was also accused of dragging his feet over new public order legislation first published last year but still only at report stage.
    • The most important of these are the second reading, the Committee stage, and the report stage.
    • The Housing Bill which includes the proposal to introduce these packs - has returned to the House of Lords for its report stage where proposed amendments to the Bill will now be discussed.
    • The Lords voted to keep the prohibition with a majority of 34 voting for the Tory amendment during the Adoption and Children Bill's report stage.
    • A Department for Education and Skills source confirmed that peers would be allowed a free vote on Lord Lester's amendment during the Bill's report stage.
    • Tomorrow is the final day of the report stage of Hugh Abbot's Housing Bill in the Commons, and everything's going splendidly.
    • The railways bill, due to have its report stages in the Lords today, will probably reach the statute book.
    • There were few contributors when it was later debated at the report stage.