Translation of represent in Spanish:


representar, v.

Pronunciation /rɛprɪˈzɛnt//ˌrɛprəˈzɛnt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (stand for, constitute, depict)
    the dove represents peace la paloma representa la paz
    • this represents a radical change in policy esto representa / constituye un radical cambio de política
    • In breach of this undertaking, the company executed an absolute assignment to another creditor of amounts represented by certain bills of exchange.
    • Finally, inventory represents the amount of materials currently available for production.
    • Williamson suggests that assets with a high amount of specificity represent sunken costs that have little value outside a particular exchange relationship.
    • So, this represents the amount of money that would be left over if a company were to sell all of its assets at fair market value and then pay off all of liabilities.
    • During the first four months of 1999, foreign investment in Korea amounted to US$2.8 billion, representing a 147.4 per cent increase from the same period a year before.
    • If they do, then this amount would represent a lowerbound estimate for the true level of economic benefits.
    • It must be pointed out that wherever land-value rating applies, it has been adopted by a poll of ratepayers representing a great amount of work and profound social concern.
    • The numbers which accompany the letters in your code represent the actual amount of allowance you have, in other words tax free income, before you have to pay tax.
    • Back wages owed to workers can be used as an estimate for the cost of compliance because they represent the amount of underpayment in compensation for a typical contractor.
    • In example 50 the numerals representing the scale-degrees are misplaced, and example 20 ends just before the crucial chord mentioned in the text.
    • Compared to the annual value, this drop represents an 11.5 percent reduction in regressivity.
    • When teachers describe for a student the actions that take place in a particular movement, the words they use are symbols representing a more abstract concept.
    • However, three-dimensional figurative depictions soon predominated, with painted pictograms representing symbols, mottos, and accomplishments of kings.
    • The amount represents the largest source of money, outweighing contributions from labor unions and political parties.
    • Names may be represented by the letters of the alphabet: thus A, B, &c., may stand for any names we are considering, simple or complex.
    • Her photo exhibit ‘Voices of Women’ celebrates as beautiful a wide variety of images representing women and the feminine.
    • All throughout the menus, you'll see spinning 3D symbols representing your selected option - you'll even see tires spinning in the car configuration option that carry the assigned tread.
    • This amount, per Jupiter, represents a mere 2 percent of the total projected $2.7 billion event-ticket market.
    • In the final years of the 1980s the deficits amounted to €3.5 billion, representing a huge 13 per cent slice of what was then a much smaller national cake.
    • The term was first used in a French treatise on dance by Raoul-Auger Feuillet and Pierre Beauchamp to denote graphic symbols representing the movement of the feet.
    • The final figure will also represent a 21 per cent decline on the number of new jobs created last year.
    • This represents some 40 percent of the overall annual production.
    • The certainty equivalent represents the amount of money a producer would accept to avoid the risk present in a particular revenue scenario.
    • This figure represented a 5 per cent increase on the same figure in 1999.
    • Very often the cost of the shares, representing the amount subscribed on the incorporation of the company, is very low.
    • His pay last year was made up of £500,000 in base salary and a £150,000 bonus, representing half the amount he was entitled to.
    • The upper values represent the 95th percentile values for the entire sample.
    • In cartoons and drawings an alcoholic beverage is represented by an XXX sign, but for a reason.
  • 2

    (act as representative for)
    (client/president) representar
    Business (company) ser representante de
    Business (company) ser agente de
    • Tiasa, a union representing non-academic staff at Unitec, has called for the institute to drop further legal action.
    • Just remember: not only do they represent you, but they are you, to Joe Public.
    • She is represented by Ricco / Maresca Gallery in New York.
    • I had a very difficult time getting a lawyer to represent me.
    • The Academy was the brainchild of The Society of Authors, the professional body that represents writers.
    • In the ensuing excitement, they formally offered to represent him, because, as Lotta put it at the time, ‘this guy, we don't want to lose.’
    • One of them is to appoint a non-executive Director to represent consumers, and I suspect the appointment will be heavily influenced by the Government.
    • Mr. Childs, an experienced builder of skyscrapers, is in the sensitive position of representing a client who believes he can remake the plan for his own purposes.
    • I quit my job at the skate shop, but that means I've more time for doing what I love - representing students and fighting for their rights.
    • We began mostly by representing residents on welfare cases.
    • He didn't represent me, but he represented my father-in-law, Peter Burroughs.
    • The reality is that they can't realistically hope to represent all students.
    • The ICTU is under massive pressure from trade union officials representing workers in the private sector.
    • Seeing galleries that ‘take risks’ and represent new artists is refreshing and encouraging.
    • Sometimes he is also assisted by an adjunct who will later represent him during absences.
    • What were you looking in the gallery that represented you?
    • If he currently manages other artists how long have those other artists been represented by him?
    • To represent members effectively, directors must know what members need.
    • They're willing to put their life on hold in order to represent you, the student.
    • He offered me a show, bought my pieces of work and offered to represent me.
  • 3

    • 3.1formal (describe)

      the press has represented him as an ogre la prensa lo ha presentado como un ogro
      • he represented her as (being) his daughter la hacía pasar por su hija
      • ‘With their gift of intelligence and heart they [young people] represent the future of the world,’ he said.
      • Aspirations best represent the dreams of young women, while expectations reflect a realistic view of the world.
      • Unmistakably, too, this description represents an aspect of his own aspiration.
      • Hermetic poetry was a poetry that sought, not to describe or represent, but to evoke.

    • 3.2formal (in protest, remonstrance)

      they represented their grievances to the board elevaron sus protestas a la junta
      • represent to the manager how important this matter is hágale presente al gerente la importancia de este asunto
      • The company also represented that they had helped it to hedge downside risk.
      • He further represented that he had the bank's authority to make a direct contract between it and the payee by the use of the cheque card.
      • The information contained in this article was obtained from sources believed to be reliable; however, we cannot represent that it is accurate or complete.
      • Further, he claims Eircom wrongly represented that the agreed discount was for £85,000.