Translation of representation in Spanish:


representación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌrɛprɪzɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n//ˌrɛprəˌzɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in government, on board)

      representación feminine
      legal representation representación legal
      • It is situated in Idris's own geographical territory but it is conceived by and aimed at those who are external to that space and who possess the means of representation and interpretation.
      • I want to broaden my scope into other areas and I will be launching a music enterprise of my own - a total music enterprise providing legal representation and management.
      • The primacy of vision has so pervaded the idea of political representation that the rhetoric of good and evil seems naturally translated to the ability to emit light, or to bring to light.
      • He would not be allowed legal representation even if he could afford it.
      • Will legal or other representation be permitted and, if so, what rules will apply regarding liability for costs?
      • Such an interpretation, inevitably allegorical, must take allegory seriously, as a mode of both representation and interpretation.
      • This is not their remit, and you will need to have independent legal and fiscal representation abroad so that your overseas commitments are handled by someone who is expert in that particular region.
      • Legal representation has been granted to more than 70 witnesses, most of whom would be entitled to have their costs met.
      • Surely this isn't our musical representation speaking out on behalf of urban youth everywhere and finally, we don't have to be ashamed?
      • He felt that they should have better representation in the acting world.
      • He arrived on Thursday, 3 August and left the following Monday, after helping to arrange legal representation for Harris.
      • It is also vital to investigate local legal representation during any reconnaissance mission and it is usually advisable not to purchase on the first trip.
      • Each board member was reportedly asked point blank if he or she had hired legal representation or discussed any financial details prior to this meeting.
      • Because representation through speaking is impossible, Ginsberg is free to do whatever he wants to answer a question.
      • I reached a point where I was in over my head, so I went to the Trust and said ‘help me’ and so we got legal representation.
      • It will operate in a non-adversarial mode, will deal with bona fide cases and will reduce the need for legal representation, also a measure sought by Ibec.
      • It is also based on, and mitigated by, the complex interface and interplay among forces of representation, recognition, rights and resources at the national level.
      • If the attorney general is still no help, and your resources are low enough, you may qualify for free legal representation.
      • In theory, continuity of legal representation is never lost.
      • This is a very different business relationship and you want to ensure that you have experienced representation and advice before you enter into a franchise agreement.

    • 1.2(reflection)

      representación feminine
      reflejo masculine
      • They are then more the implicit signifiers of his own subject position than they are his explicit analysis or representation of such contradictions.
      • Ingres based his representation of the Cardinal on Raphael's portrait of him and that of Raphael on a supposed self-portrait.
      • Finally, Lee embodies a kind of nationalism in his own physical presence and allows his body to evolve as the filmic representation of nationalism.
      • It does, however, authorize and inform the tensions between the past and the present, the historical event and its representation, that I have been describing.
      • He argues that both Kiefer and Heidegger are prototypically modern in that they created works that present and then question any stable representation of cultural truths.
      • Anthills of the Savannah thereby thematizes it own immanent limitation as representation of reality and capsule of ideas.
      • Since ‘abjection is coextensive with the Symbolic Order,’ any representation of that order can be scrutinized for its hidden presence.
      • I feel confident in saying that America is once again divided, and the media is torn in its representation of a grim reality.
      • Peter Krausz provides a useful introduction to this theme in his overview of representation of Indigenous people in Australian film history.
      • These cultural processes have been present in the creation of visual representation in the United States since its founding, beginning with colonial portraiture.
      • As such a strong and admirable character, Kate defies the traditional representation of a woman in this type of film where women tend only to be the helpless victims of the psychotic killers.
      • Not that any of this is enlightened, exactly, in terms of the representation of homosexuality.

    • 1.3(presence)

      representación feminine

    • 1.4Business

      representación feminine

  • 2

    representación feminine
  • 3representations plural

    protesta formal feminine
    to make representations to sb elevar una protesta a algn formal
    • their ambassador made representations to the government su embajador elevó una protesta al gobierno
    • Even if this is not the case, if the young staffers have the perception that it is, they maybe less likely to aggressively challenge management's representations.
    • In all three cases, our members accepted management's representations and issued unqualified audit reports on the statements presented.
    • Many people worry about how to respond to those representations both critically and supportively.
    • Probably the most important thing is don't make any kind of representations that are untrue - that you don't make statements that clearly have no basis.
    • Second, Tyson claimed that the company made false representations about the extent of accounting problems at its food subsidiary, which produces hors d'oeuvres.
    • As an auditor, Tim had understood that management representations required appropriate questioning.
    • Ron argued that generally accepted auditing standards entitled him to rely on Hal's representations.
    • Do the document review as quickly as possible and be cautious of the wording of representations made on accounting matters.