Translation of repression in Spanish:


represión, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈprɛʃən//rəˈprɛʃ(ə)n/


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    represión feminine
    political/sexual repression represión política/sexual feminine
    • It also provides practical help to journalists and media that are the victims of repression.
    • Yet there is also a hard core of miscommunication, repression, and suffering.
    • Irish readers will quickly spot the familiar pattern of failed uprising followed by brutal repression.
    • The demand for equal access to oil wealth by local communities and the harsh repression and murder of many indigenous activists by the government protecting the oil companies have made the region notorious.
    • The ruling royal family, which has enjoyed the lion's share of oil wealth, is perceived as corrupt, and repression of domestic discontent is high.
    • As repression became less overt, the number of arrests dwindled, and with them the number of investigation files.
    • A reputation for tolerance and civil liberties had been replaced by violence and repression.
    • On his election as prime minister, Aznar engaged a policy of repression towards ETA, arresting its leaders and main supporters.
    • Nevertheless many people who now migrate from the Third World do not do so out of choice, but because they are forced to by wars and political repression.
    • Nor can they have any idea of what it must be like to live permanently in an atmosphere of fear and violent repression.
    • The interruption of totalitarian repression and world war failed to completely remove the cut-up tendency and these days there are plenty of sound artists enthusiastically working on audio cuts ups.
    • In the short term, more repression may be an effective way for these leaders to quell opposition.
    • For the Fellbach assignment, Mieth and Hagel returned to the German town they had fled more than two decades earlier because of Nazi repression.
    • Based on Lawrence Thornton's novel, Hampton strives for a part human, part mystical response to a brutal regime, bent on repression.
    • The last forty pages of the publication are dedicated to the numerous journalists who have fallen the victims of repression around the world.
    • While many Kurds did manage to assimilate, decades of repression and strained coexistence served to strengthen ethnic self-awareness for innumerable others.
    • Before the 1990s this genre was practiced on a rather small scale, not least because of political repression and a conservative, rigidly regulated bureaucracy.
    • But the political repression in his native Hungary quashed his writing ambitions.
    • Aristocratic progress is thus checked by the very body responsible for brutal repression, allowing Grandison to avoid complicity in violence.
    • Violence and repression work to desensitize people, leaving only a numbing wish to forget what is happening all about them.