Translation of reproachful in Spanish:


(lleno) de reproche, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈprəʊtʃf(ə)l//rəˈproʊtʃfəl//rɪˈprəʊtʃfʊl/


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    (look/words) (lleno) de reproche
    • My mother's face floated to mind, a pale reproachful moon, at her last and first visit to the asylum since my twentieth birthday.
    • Inger turned reproachful blue eyes on her husband.
    • ‘Yum,’ Kimberly grinned sarcastically, and was met with a reproachful look from Gabe.
    • For a moment she stood still, looking at him with reproachful fear in her wide blue eyes.
    • I asked Dad, and he turned and gave me a reproachful look.
    • Dema nodded his agreement and shot Alex a reproachful look as if she was breaking her promise.
    • Vague, reproachful thoughts for all the remote and immediate luxury of his life passed through his mind.
    • Jeremy was looking at Blade in a slightly reproachful manner.
    • His comments always held a reproachful tone, even when he tried to be dear.
    • But now, she grew reproachful and distant with Rhiannon, and Rhiannon knew quite well why.
    • It is on this point that the reproachful farmers differ with Ellis.
    • The other half quaked, disturbed by the glowering lines of his face, the reproachful glare of his obsidian eyes.
    • And when Uncle Sean met Melonie and Mike, he didn't seem the least reproachful that they were my friends.
    • Silently I looked up at her with a reproachful glance, trying at least for a little pity and only succeeding in finding that the spark of respect had disappeared.
    • But I knew all those words were somehow reproachful, and that Aunt Jane and Mum were probably talking about me.
    • Felldeten turned horrified eyes on her, reproachful, betrayed.
    • At times the illustrations serve as reproachful comment on the inauthenticity of Longfellow's fanciful creation.
    • She looked at him with reproachful eyes and he looked at her with disgust and anger.
    • The thin-lipped reproachful glance, the bohemian toss of the head, the casual business with the cigarette case - they are all in evidence.
    • While a reproachful raspberry goes to their Windows counterparts.