Translation of republican in Spanish:


republicano, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈpəbləkən//rɪˈpʌblɪk(ə)n/


  • 1

    (of a republic)
    • But such official positions would require taking an oath on the republican constitution.
    • Others awarded at the ceremony are first republican president Kenneth Kaunda who received the lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the country.
    • Mr. Lord goes on to comment: ‘Any true friend of republican government would have to demur; but the case is nevertheless a powerful one.’
    • The Founders, so the liberal theory runs, devised the complicated checks and balances of the Constitution in order to overcome the traditional fate of republican self-government.
    • Throughout Europe, republicanism and republican forms of government have been associated with the emergence of strong business classes.
    • They despise republican institutions and democratic participation.
    • Their God could act providentially, and their religious beliefs helped to shape their faith in republican government and the natural law that, in their view, underlay its principles.
    • For the Earls of Southampton and Essex and for many literate English Protestants, Venice was the model of republican government, the alternative to monarchy for disaffected subjects of Elizabeth.
    • He never appears to have found the slightest difficulty in serving a republican government.
    • What empires lavish abroad, they cannot spend on good republican government at home: on hospitals or roads or schools.
    • For Earle, the second republican period represents the Golden Age of the colonial economy.
    • Yes, the U.S. and France were both capitalist economies and republican polities.
    • There are important decisions to be taken on the nationalist / republican side before the impending election.
    • This burden threatened to sink the new republican government, indeed the whole democratic experiment.
    • The country adopted a republican constitution in 1974, while remaining part of the Commonwealth.
    • The decision to situate an emblem of Florentine republican government in their palace could be understood as a sign that the Medici were closely connected to that regime and continued its ideals.
    • In 1512 the exiled Medici family was restored to power following eighteen years of republican government.
    • Barry and his comrades were seeking to establish and uphold a republican democracy on this island.
    • The loyalists in the front line won't listen to nationalist or republican leaders.
    • His visit was facilitated by the ministry of Foreign Affairs on invitation by republican President, Mr Mwanawasa.
  • 2Republican

    (in US)
    the Republican Party el Partido Republicano


  • 1

    (supporter of republic)
    republicano masculine
    republicana feminine
    • Third, the monarchists did not win the November 6 referendum: the republicans lost it.
    • You can also imagine the friends, the republicans, because it was not just artists that came but those that really wanted to shape the future.
    • Over the course of this comparison, it will also become clear that because Milton differs from the republicans on this issue, he also differs from them on other major issues.
    • This position was anathema to traditional republicans, since it postulated that reform of the State was possible.
  • 2Republican

    republicano masculine
    republicana feminine