Translation of repudiation in Spanish:


rechazo, n.

Pronunciation /rəˌpjudiˈeɪʃ(ə)n//rɪˌpjuːdɪˈeɪʃn/


  • 1

    (rejection, denial)
    rechazo masculine
    • Then the president assured corporate America that his administration's repudiation of liberal reformism was irreversible.
    • The second revolution involved the repudiation of the conviction that well-formed academic learning is a product of our generic humanity.
    • They avoid open repudiations of their predecessors, no matter how demagogic.
    • Even the supposition of Jewish influence on the media elicited a sharp, immediate repudiation.
    • One is the use of a shared repudiation of romanticism to denigrate the Stuart cause.
    • Ollivier's conclusions are a complete repudiation of the entire heritage of Marxism, including Trotsky's theory of permanent revolution.
    • They are also anxious about growing popular animosity to the government's repudiation of democratic rights.
    • Indeed, Blair came to power based on an explicit repudiation of its old reformist programme.
    • The march showed the incredible support of local residents for the APPO and their repudiation of the federal police intervention.
    • These holy warriors, frequently labelled fundamentalists, represent a direct engagement with the modern world rather than a simple repudiation.
    • The first was the repudiation of the governments socioeconomic policies.
    • Later in his address, Clinton provided another, inadvertent, testimony to the Democratic Party's repudiation of its liberal past.
    • In one of the great ironies of constitutional history, Miller's repudiation of Campbell's arguments in the Slaughter-House Cases inadvertently gave Campbell his greatest victory.
    • It would represent, on the part of an entire section of the ruling elite, the repudiation of elementary democratic norms.
    • Apart from his ritual farewell, Truman's act of self creation is otherwise represented as a repudiation of all social connection.
    • This resulted in its isolation and repudiation by the Algerian masses.
    • Its policies are nothing but a repudiation of what Gandhi and his comrades stood for.
    • The two ideals conflict, and the triumph of the Newtonian ideal is a repudiation, and not an incorporation, of the Aristotelian ideal.
    • Above all, Byrd has decried the cowardice of Congress in its acceptance of the wholesale repudiation of the US Constitution.
    • The day of the referendum, an article in the UK Independent cited mysterious "exit polls" and predicted a massive repudiation of Chavez.
  • 2

    (refusal to acknowledge, disowning)
    repudio masculine
    repulsa feminine formal
    • Any resolution to the war requires the repudiation of the Sri Lankan constitution, which entrenches communalism and the autocratic executive presidency.
    • It will be rare for conduct subsequent to a settlement agreement to amount to repudiation.
    • Donaldson P thought not, as the repudiation of a contract of employment was an exception to the general rule.
    • In the past, divorces were settled within the family and the couple would receive a letter of repudiation from an Islamic official.
    • The repudiation of the Treaty of Madrid was taken by this small group one month before the nobles met at Dijon in June 1526.
    • Extensive account audit trails were created to minimize repudiation.
    • But the earlier repudiation of the Geneva Conventions exposes such claims as lies.
    • So it is not open to any court below the House of Lords to find that unlawful repudiation without acceptance terminates the contract of employment.
    • It predicted an inevitable collapse of tsarist finances and proposed the repudiation of the payment of the tsarist debts.
    • Now, your corporate client was found liable in damages for repudiation.
    • But the Neutrality Acts of 1935, 1936, and 1937 nevertheless represented a repudiation of Wilsonianism.
    • If a term is a condition precedent to liability, any breach defeats liability but does not lead to a repudiation of the whole contract.
    • Repudiation of a contract "is a thing writ in water" and of no effect unless accepted.
    • Reference to "at the date of acceptance of the repudiation" appears only in the judgment of Megaw LJ.
    • The courts are likely to avoid such problems by readily finding acceptance of a repudiation.
    • Elizabeth's oath of allegiance in 1559 required the specific repudiation of any jurisdiction by any foreign prince, person, prelate, or potentate.
    • There is no repudiation of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale in the letter.
    • It was not necessary to summarise paragraphs 47 or 48 for the conclusion in paragraph 49 is that there was a repudiation by Alstom.
    • A widespread bankruptcy, default, and repudiation of bonds would necessarily ensue.
    • The code prohibited polygamous marriages and forced marriage for girls, established a minimum age for marriage, and required judicial divorce rather than repudiation.