Translation of repurchase agreement in Spanish:

repurchase agreement

pacto de recompra, n.


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    pacto de recompra masculine
    • Outstanding primary dealer repurchase agreements now approach an unfathomable $2 trillion, having surpassed $1 trillion for the first time during 1997.
    • Corporate treasurers often pickup a few extra basis points of interest in return for lending cash for so-called repurchase agreements (repos, for short).
    • Of the quarter's $118 billion increase in security broker/dealer assets, $71 billion were financed by an expansion of repurchase agreements.
    • Wall Street, that finances their massive balance sheets with repurchase agreements and other short-term vehicles, assumes they will always have access to borrowings to maintain their bloated balance sheets.
    • The main refinancing operations are regular liquidity providing reserve transactions or repurchase agreements which have a weekly frequency and a maturity of two weeks.