Translation of request in Spanish:


petición, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈkwɛst//rɪˈkwɛst/


  • 1

    (polite demand)
    petición feminine
    pedido masculine Latin America
    solicitud feminine formal
    to make a request hacer / presentar una solicitud formal
    • request for sth petición (or pedido etc.) de algo
    • a request for assistance un pedido de ayuda
    • they came with the request that … vinieron a pedirnos que …
    • at her/Mary's request a pedido suyo/de Mary
    • by popular request a petición del público
    • [ S ]price lists available on request solicite nuestras listas de precios
    • It may have been that the request for the gun discouraged them, or it may have been for other reasons, but in their wisdom they never appeared.
    • The group filed a request for safeguards in February over imports from China and Vietnam, leading the ministry to conduct a six-month probe into whether to impose the restriction.
    • Yet last year, at the request of the police, the film was banned from being shown in Turkey, which gives some indication of just how politically sensitive the Kurdish question was there at that time.
    • The feeling of paranoia is strong throughout while the scenes relating to the request for political asylum are chilling in the current, particularly given the current political climate of intolerance.
    • At the time of going to print, I haven't received an answer from the Chancellor to my request for Council to abide by the simple rules of natural justice and set fees in term time.
    • A few days later, Turkey officially approached its other NATO partners with a request for more help.
    • If you haven't received something from an institution for some time, it may mean your request for change of address may not have been processed.
    • At the request of a third party, Lucire interviewed 319 patients in litigation over arm pain.
    • At the request of the Russian prosecutors, the Swiss authorities have also recently frozen $5bn in bank accounts belonging to Khodorkovsky and his associates.
    • For instance, they took care to include materials recycling in the construction request for proposals.
    • Guo's wife said in a deposition that ‘the underground bank was opened at the request of aunt in Fujian Province,’ they said.
    • A group representing the company's 300 pensioners has been refused a request for a meeting with management and told that they will not get any shares in the floated company.
    • A ninth lane is being added to the running track at the request of international athletes, and a media zone is being created.
    • Persons 16 years and older can make an advance ‘written statement containing a request for termination of life’ which the physician may carry out.
    • According to Raoof, many of the features introduced into DB2 are either at the request of application vendors or in anticipation of requirements they may have.
    • A seller accepted their offer to buy a house, but agents representing name-brand insurance companies rejected their request for insurance.
    • Were these alterations by Holbein, at More's request, or by Lockey, at the request of More's descendants?
    • The funds raised remain in the specific country and when funds are required for an operation of a patient, then the company formally sends in a request for funds.
    • ‘Indeed, at the request of the liquidator, we are preparing an account of the situation and will have a surplus to hand over to him, we think,’ he said.
    • The company expects to receive a formal request for documents or a subpoena in the next few days.
  • 2

    (for record, song)
    petición feminine
    pedido masculine Latin America
    to play a request for sb tocar algo a petición de algn
    • before noun request program programa con peticiones de los oyentes
    • These requests prompt the repetitive playing of a singer's song, which is the goal of promotion.
    • A live disc jockey, on air from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. eastern time, will take e-mail requests and conduct interviews with prominent women.
    • It was initially leaked to a US radio station earlier this year, and listeners immediately flooded Djs with requests to hear it.
    • Within the first three days of them trying the song, it was already Top Five for requests on the phones.
    • Listeners' requests may or may not have made a difference.
    • In the spirit of trying to personalize the listening experience, both XM and Sirius have made it possible for people to contact DJs and programmers with feedback and requests.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (loan/help) pedir
    (loan/help) solicitar formal
    Mr & Mrs Tuthill request the pleasure of your company at … los señores Tuthill tienen el agrado de invitar a usted a … formal
    • to request sb to + inf/that pedir(le) a algn que + subj
    • I requested them to leave les pedí que se fueran
    • customers are requested not to touch the displays se ruega a los señores clientes no tocar las mercancías expuestas
    • he requested that he be allowed to see his client solicitó que se le permitiera ver a su cliente
    • Lawyers in the Caymans say that if the Irish inspectors are requesting the information as a result of an investigation into tax evasion, the legal framework will not allow the disclosure of information.
    • The watchdog has written to a number of manufacturers and retailers requesting information about the issue.
    • But he said the reduction in the extra time available to local authorities to decide on an application after requesting additional information had serious staffing implications.
    • The Barron Inquiry has no powers to request information or compliance with the inquiry, and is entirely dependent on the voluntary co-operation of others.
    • As soon as you establish confidentiality, you should request financial information.
    • In March 1872, the United States Senate passed a resolution requesting information from the Department of War on the progress of the survey.
    • Local authorities are quick to deny responsibility for problems and slow to provide requested information, he said.
    • It restated that the consortium was fully funded, that it had carried out due diligence within five days and requested a second tranche of information from the company.
    • Your employer may have special forms that you must complete in order to request a loan.
    • So he sends an e-mail to both his customer marketing manager and his category management analyst requesting information from their recent consumer segmentation research about marketing to moms and gatekeepers.
    • More tellingly, in the case of Finnegan, the auctioneer requested his Jersey solicitors to give him a new name as one of the stated owners of Canio.
    • More information will be requested if the company is of interest.
    • Mobile phone records and utility bills might also be requested in order to establish whether the residency laws were observed.
    • If you send out information two months after a consumer requested it, that's not timely.
    • Sitting back down, Brock politely requests a tube of Super Glue.
    • Valtemand reports finally that Norway requests peaceful passage through Denmark in order to reach Poland.
    • When the story was being written, Mr. Scolamiero did not return repeated Dance Magazine phone calls requesting information.
    • If not, then it is up to you to request this information.
    • The first step in becoming certified is to request an application/information package.
    • But other inmates as well as guards routinely sought him out for autographs or to request writing tips or advice on their appeals.
  • 2

    (record/song) pedir
    (record/song) solicitar formal