Translation of reseal in Spanish:


volver a cerrar, v.

Pronunciation: /ˌriˈsil//riːˈsiːl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (envelope) volver a cerrar
    (grave/door) volver a precintar
    (jar/can) volver a cerrar herméticamente
    • Carefully, in case she found that she needed to reseal it, she steamed the envelope open and peeled away the fold.
    • Having removed some specimens for analysis, the team took care to reseal the entrance with boulders, thus erasing all evidence of the discovery and restoring the burial place to its original seclusion.
    • Reluctantly I resealed the box and put it in the stack of things to come home with me, though from time to time I reached over and ran my fingers along the cardboard just to assure myself it was really there.
    • What generally happens if items are damaged is they are resealed in special clear plastic bags and delivered.
    • The shaft was then resealed and access is restricted.
    • He resealed the sample and pasted the details and put it in his bag by which time the inspector had marked the time, place, name and address of the complainant.
    • It turned out that he had carefully opened the box, put a ring in it, then carefully resealed it.
    • Ian was about to reseal the box, when just such a feeling made him stop.
    • She slowly ate a small amount of the pack and, resealing it carefully, returned it to the pack.
    • Just having the freedom to go in and open any disc in the place, listen to it all day and reseal it, was a wonderful gift.
    • To open the package, the consumer unscrews the easy-to-open plastic overcap, removes the inner plastic seal by pulling the pullring, and can reseal the bottle with the overcap.
    • After resealing the bag, I waited for the sugar cubes to dissolve, then kneaded the pulp a little to ensure a good mix.
    • The law enforcement officers quickly resealed the blockade.
    • He said: ‘Originally we were not going to reseal the roof space once we have removed the asbestos, but we have been advised it would be better to do it.’
    • Always reseal open bags to prevent the mix drying out and store it in a cool, dark environment.
    • After resealing both doors, Tim led John to the end of the hall.
    • The sealcoat wears off of the surface relatively rapidly, especially in areas of high traffic, and many surfaces are resealed every two to three years.
    • Staff resealed the ballot box, witnessed by others.
    • His tool kit includes equipment for unsealing and resealing envelopes, miniature microphones, and wiretapping equipment.
    • After opening packets of dried foods, such as flour, rice and breakfast cereals, reseal them tightly or transfer the contents to storage jars with tight lids.