Translation of research in Spanish:


investigación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈriˌsərtʃ//rəˈsərtʃ//rɪˈsəːtʃ//ˈriːsəːtʃ/


  • 1

    investigación feminine
    (establishment/work) (before noun) de investigación
    a piece of research un trabajo de investigación
    • scientific/literary research investigación científica/literaria
    • research has shown that … las investigaciones han demostrado que …
    • research into/on sth investigación sobre algo
    • to do/carry out research hacer/llevar a cabo una investigación
    • research and development investigación y desarrollo
    • picture research investigación gráfica
    • research laboratory laboratorio de investigación
    • research student estudiante de posgrado que hace trabajos de investigación
    • research worker investigadora
    • The team hopes to get extra cash to pay for more research staff and equipment.
    • The book will be most suitable for research students, postdocs and academics.
    • At Cambridge he quickly built a large active group of research students around him.
    • Whether there was pharmaceutical sponsorship of the research papers is unclear.
    • After taking his first degree he remained at Cambridge as a research student then became a fellow.
    • Thus, testing the hypothesis developed in this paper remains a future research objective.
    • On the other hand, my students and my research assistant gained some benefit from this activity as well.
    • She passed her first year examinations as a Ph.D. research student without difficulty.
    • Her research project involves developing armour plating for military vehicles.
    • I'm currently writing a short research paper on links between magic and technology.
    • There are more than 12,000 research papers alone on the effect of fluoride on the thyroid gland.
    • They gave me great feedback that helped me improve my research papers in various ways.
    • The student might address the research question by comparing and contrasting old and new.
    • I actually came across the last name when doing a research paper on Mary Queen of Scots last year.
    • I have fairly good ideas for two of my research papers, and a vague idea for the third.
    • Institutions have been eager to pursue a sharp growth in their output of research papers.
    • The above study should be viewed in the context of a student research project.
    • He remained there for 50 years, and on retirement signed on as a research student.
    • A research paper in the journal Science found the number of new infections was rising.
    • When he had been there only about a year, a new research student asked if they could fix a time for a regular weekly meeting.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to research into/on sth hacer una investigación sobre algo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (causes/problem) investigar
    (causes/problem) estudiar
    to research an article/a book hacer una investigación que servirá de base a un artículo/a un libro
    • the company is researching investment proposals la compañía está investigando / estudiando propuestas de inversión
    • this article is well researched este artículo está bien documentado
    • She is still researching their exact functions, but it seems almost certain that humans have comparable genes.
    • The article was extensively researched, with hundreds of American teenagers talking about their sex lives.
    • Although still at an early stage of development, it is being actively researched by scientists.
    • She worked hard and researched new methods of assessment and treatment.
    • The Doctor and his team will be researching into how the body can fight heart disease naturally.
    • This book should be found on the shelves of all those who are researching into or are interested in plant desiccation.
    • You now have an explanation for your second point, that the hours were spent in researching into the law and matters of that kind.
    • The actress plays Eve, a beautiful scientist researching into the working of the human heart.
    • He is currently researching the social history of night in American cities.
    • This is a little researched area, and systematic analyses are not available.
    • He had extensively researched the subject and looked at the links between the men's union and the mob.
    • The company takes advantage of the time and resources to explore and research ideas.
    • Other methods of illustrating the vitality of food and water have been researched within the biodynamic system.
    • He had spent years researching methods of improving literacy in New Zealand and overseas.
    • Students researched their topic and wrote a paper based on information obtained from peer-reviewed literature.
    • I am quite capable of researching the effects of both substances for myself.
    • The study is researching the practice of planting soybeans into cover crops of winter rye.
    • He was researching into the production of artificial rubber and fuel.
    • Students extensively research their subjects, making sure they're not replicating existing work.
    • I think this means reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and researching into alternative energy sources.