Translation of reserve price in Spanish:

reserve price

precio mínimo, n.


  • 1British

    (at auction)
    (fijado para un lote de una subasta) precio mínimo masculine
    • The price would be set at the same level as the auction reserve price.
    • The reserve price was £250,000, but four years later they had still not received one offer.
    • If you want, you can set a minimum reserve price to make sure it doesn't sell for much less than you're willing to take.
    • Sellers choose the duration of the auction and a reserve price - the lowest price they'll accept - that is kept secret.
    • In some auctions, particularly very high-end art and furniture auctions, some or all the items sold may have a reserve price.
    • Every time an airline sells a ticket to a customer at a price below their reserve price, the airline is losing potential revenue because the customer would have paid more for it.
    • The holidays on offer are revealed on the day of the auction and have a reserve price of £1.
    • They will each be awarded a 15-year license at a reserve price, which is 5% of royalty payments based on network turnover, the government said.
    • Currently it charges one per cent of the reserve price for auctions above £100.
    • At that stage the auctioneer announced the reserve price had been exceeded and the property was on the market.
    • However, the manuscript was sold to a private museum for just £8,400, although other items sold for much more than their reserve price.
    • And sadly, at the auction in April, the table did not reach its reserve price, so did not sell.
    • The new offer is just £4000 short of the current asking price, but is £2000 short of my mental reserve price.
    • Standard practice is to look for at least a 10 per cent uplift on the guide price, indicating a reserve price around €7 million.
    • All the properties in our auctions have a reserve price at least 20% below the market price.
    • The reserve price is the lowest fee the auction will take for your product, thereby assuring that you will make a profit on the sale (if you sell it.)
    • The reserve price is believed to be in the region of £9 million.
    • Bidders know immediately whether their offer has met the reserve price or not and must simply wait for the allotted auction period to come to an end to know whether they have won.
    • If no one bids at or above the reserve price, the auction closes without a ‘winner.’
    • Both were withdrawn after failing to make their reserve price.
  • 2

    (in the EU)
    precio mínimo garantizado masculine
    precio mínimo de intervención masculine