Translation of reset in Spanish:


(volver a) poner, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈsɛt//riˈsɛt/

transitive verbresetting

  • 1

    (alarm clock) (volver a) poner
    (counter/dial) volver a cero
    reset button botón de reposición masculine
    • reset switch interruptor de reposición
    • The child should set the alarm before bed and reset the alarm if it goes off.
    • It picks up a time signal from a cesium atomic clock based in Rugby and automatically sets and resets itself.
    • It was a daily ritual that he would set his alarm clock early, and try and fool his body into feeling more rested by resetting his alarm when he awoke to allow five more minutes of half sleep.
    • As I returned to the present moment, and Steve swam back into my field of vision, it occurred to me I must have forgotten to reset the alarm.
    • A badly broken leg last September was reset just four weeks ago and he is under strict orders to take things easy for a while.
    • Perhaps he is sending out a text message, checking his e-mail, playing a game or resetting the ring tone.
    • And because the watch knows which radio station it is receiving the information from, it can use that knowledge to reset itself.
    • If he wants to work to continental hours he can do so by resetting his alarm.
    • As for resetting the legal landscape - law, like most knowledge, works on precedent.
    • The other features on the front are three buttons for setting the temperature and fan speed alarms, changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit and resetting the alarms.
    • I assured her I would reset the timers so the sprinklers would in no way inhibit the yard crew.
    • The royal family often resets jewels and updates old pieces as fashions and owners change.
    • Apparently when I woke up yesterday morning, I turned my alarm clock off rather than just resetting it.
    • This is where an independent visitor can give much-needed positive one-to-one support to reset the balance.
    • The thigh failed to mend properly and had to be reset.
    • We have to reset the terms of the debate and the way we use our power.
    • Security staff visited the building at 9pm on Monday to reset a burglar alarm after an attempted break-in at the front.
    • The grotto will be rebuilt as it is and reset in the entrance wall to the housing estate with a plaque to state the reason for its existence.
    • If any of the target value dice become turned over during play, they must be reset to their original values.
    • Errors of such a system grow with time and the system must be reset periodically using an accurate position fix.
  • 2

    • 2.1Medicine

      (bone) colocar
      (bone) componer Andes

    • 2.2(gem)

      volver a engarzar
      volver a engastar

  • 3

    (type/book) recomponer