Translation of resettle in Spanish:


reasentar, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈsɛt(ə)l//riˈsɛdl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (population/refugees) reasentar
    • If we can ensure that people are resettled properly and do not return to prison, that is a good outcome.
    • Literature relating to mental health issues of refugees resettled in western countries is more limited.
    • A large number of those who migrated across the new border to India were resettled in Delhi.
    • They are angry that the government has used the disaster to ban people from resettling within 200 metres of the seashore.
    • Most camp residents ask: ‘Is it possible that a government that has failed to even provide tents will resettle us in new houses and provide us jobs?’
    • Medical screening is but a small part of the effort that must be made to resettle the refugees.
    • In August the government said it intended to resettle peasants on 800 farms before the start of the rainy season in November.
    • The government is buying farms on which farmers are resettled in sub-divided camps.
    • All in all about 100 000 refugees are resettled worldwide each year.
    • The rights of refugees to find safe refuge in another state - with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country - fall on the universal claim of need.
    • The construction of 600 homes will help as many as 5,000 refugees to resettle in the area.
    • Since August 1999, it has assisted 429 women and girls, repatriating most and helping one to resettle in a third country.
    • A UN programme aims to resettle 500 refugees a year in the UK.
    • Today, such a claim would be considered frivolous under the Firm Resettlement Law, which renders claims of asylum irrelevant for aliens who resettle in a third country.
    • The two women were waiting to be resettled in a third country as they were considered to be in danger.
    • Governments have attempted to forcibly settle and resettle Roma, often with little success and negative results.
    • Almost all refugees face similar hurdles, said those who resettle the new immigrants.
    • There are already diplomatic discussions underway about where to resettle the environmental refugees.
    • We'll look at efforts to help thousands of refugees resettle as they make the long journey back home.
    • The new agency was given a limited three-year mandate to help resettle 1.2 million European refugees left homeless by the global conflict.
  • 2

    (land/area) repoblar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (population/refugees) reestablecerse