Translation of reshape in Spanish:


dar nueva forma a, v.

Pronunciation /riˈʃeɪp//riːˈʃeɪp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (text) dar nueva forma a
    (organization) reestructurar
    (policy) reformar
    • Long after the facts are forgotten, the official story will be shaping and reshaping our history.
    • A series of public exhibitions has been organised to encourage feedback and ensure services are reshaped in the right way.
    • A city without the ambition to reshape the skyline through breathtaking architecture will never be more than an overgrown town.
    • A US doctor told her she needed a serious operation to reshape her shoulder and remove splinters of bone from her back.
    • Communication technology is reshaping communities, but the ability to have a conversation with somebody across the globe is not new.
    • He reformed and reshaped the music system itself so that common people could sing with basic training.
    • He was 26 when he took a step that was to reshape the world of finance.
    • The surgery uses a cool laser beam to reshape the cornea and correct a person's vision.
    • From here on in, the work is to bend and reshape the iron and steel to your desired shape.
    • Such treatments are used to reshape the face, such as plumping up the lips.
    • The plans include a number of options for reshaping health services in the region.
    • While the internet is changing the way we shop, it is also reshaping the marketplace.
    • Implanting the cow heart tissue allows surgeons to reshape the ventricle into the correct shape and restore much of its functionality.
    • The splints are designed and made specifically for each patient and work in the same way as a brace reshapes teeth.
    • How do we come to grips with our profound ability to shape and reshape the world and the human condition?
    • Arising from within a culture, technology, whether it is a canoe, a revolver, or a clock, simultaneously shapes and reshapes the culture in which it exists.
    • Specific historical moments usually engender the chain of events that shape and reshape an international song.
    • Part of the reason is that as the economy recovered in the post-war decades, it reshaped both social classes and the status of occupations.
    • Competition and innovation also promoted three big developments that are reshaping the world information economy.
    • And it is changing perceptions over the strength of recovery that have also reshaped investor expectations.