Translation of reshoot in Spanish:


volver a filmar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈʃut//riːˈʃuːt/

transitive verbreshot

  • 1

    (sequence/scene) volver a filmar
    • Some of the scenes are alternate takes of scenes involving subplots that were abandoned but containing important dialogue that had to be reshot.
    • It was originally shot in black and white and then, once edited, colour, split screens, freeze frames and other graphic effects were added and the film was reshot onto 35 mm.
    • This meant reshooting nearly every scene and hiring alternate leads.
    • When he needed to reshoot scenes and didn't have the money he raised more money from everyone he could; including his own mother and dentist.
    • Francis had reshot the beginning of the sequence.
    • But the way it was before I reshot it was even more direct.
    • The rest of the movie was reshot and retooled beyond recognition and at a frantic pace.
    • Test audiences found it so disturbing it had to be reshot.
    • They haven't become used to the luxury of working only on huge films, where they'll reshoot every scene until it's perfect.
    • But they reshot her scenes at the insistence of Bogart and director Howard Hawks and she ultimately earned excellent notices.
    • So, several scenes were reshot and The Big Sleep was reworked.
    • The resulting film, Blackmail, was begun as a silent and then in large part reshot to take advantage of the new sound technology.
    • Hence, Ellis went back and reshot a number of scenes in March this year with a view to increasing the gore and naughtiness.
    • A lot of the scenes in the tent, at the beginning, had to be reshot because they didn't have the right rhythm to set the film on the right footing from the beginning.
    • It was filmed in sequence on digital video rather than film, and von Trier resisted the urge to reshoot scenes if it would break the continuity.
    • Despite the precautions, the production team has occasionally reshot small portions of coming episodes to repair lapses in the story's logic.
    • The only other alternative would be reshooting the morning's work, but that would ultimately cause the production to go an hour or two into overtime, and rip several thousand dollars out of the budget.
    • I read that this film had been rewritten and reshot quite a bit, and I can see why.
    • Scenes were reshot, money ran out, and interest from others dwindled.
    • Do you want to start editing while they're shooting so you can make suggestions of scenes that need to be reshot?