Translation of reshuffle in Spanish:


volver a barajar, v.

Pronunciation /riˈʃəfəl//riːˈʃʌf(ə)l/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cards/pack) volver a barajar
    • Cards are reshuffled, dealt evenly among the players and stacked face-down on the table to form individual player draw-decks.
    • Are the cards reshuffled when the last card is drawn or when someone needs to draw a card?
    • However, you get only 8 cards reshuffled in this case, so you should time using the joker wisely.
    • So long as money remains in the pot, after each hand is settled, the cards are reshuffled and dealt by the next dealer.
    • If it is a jack, he reshuffles and the cards are cut again.
  • 2

    (cabinet) remodelar
    (responsibilities) redistribuir
    (management) reorganizar
    he kept reshuffling his lineup cambió varias veces la alineación del equipo
    • Major cabinet turnovers have been rare, although chancellors occasionally have reshuffled their cabinets, shifting a minister from one post to another.
    • The very junior Minister over there is asking for his position to be reshuffled; he is asking to be moved off that bench.
    • They reshuffled their team for the second-half.
    • Late last month, the Prime Minister reshuffled his cabinet in an attempt to resuscitate his government's largely stalled economic and social agenda.
    • Downing Street is not confirming when the announcement will be made amid signs that the prime minister is struggling to resolve the conundrum of how to reshuffle his junior ministers.
    • He also said he accepted the notion that by, reshuffling the Cabinet, the Prime Minister was seeking to maintain the balance of power within it.
    • The Prime Minister reshuffled his cabinet Wednesday, replacing the defense, finance and interior ministers.
    • The central government reshuffled its cabinet, asking the law minister to resign.
    • Yesterday he reshuffled his frontbench team to bring in new spokesmen on all these subjects.
    • The Australian Prime minister has reshuffled his ministry.
    • He has every reason to reshuffle his cabinet or at least move seats around.
    • The First Minister is now expected to reshuffle his advisory team as he prepares for the elections.
    • Who said the prime minister could not have reshuffled his Cabinet and not fired her and still given me a job?
    • What would drive an entrepreneur to reshuffle his top management team at the peak of his company's success?
    • Alternatively, a Prime Minister may reshuffle a minister who has been associated with policies which have failed or which are unpopular.
    • The first test of his growing strength will come when the ministerial team is reshuffled today.
    • They reshuffled the team slightly for the second half and came out stronger, again creating some good attacking moves.
    • The Liberal Democrat leader will reshuffle his frontbench team after the party's autumn conference, senior party members have revealed.
    • The team reshuffled its defensive line in an effort to get its most experienced players on the field.
    • The company recently reshuffled its top management team.


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    reorganización feminine