Translation of reside in Spanish:


residir, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈzaɪd//rɪˈzʌɪd/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    residir formal
    • ‘Home’ has been four walls within which my stuff resides, and my clothing gets washed and dried.
    • Log analysis is understandably imperative for SOX compliance, particularly because financial data resides on financial servers.
    • The engaged couple are residing presently in Western Australia having met in Germany three years ago.
    • Analysis of the sequence confirmed our mapping studies and showed that the ear gene resided very close to ea.
    • Drosophila genes undergo complex splicing patterns, reside close to their neighbors, and often overlap.
    • I slowly made my way along the hallway where my locker resided.
    • The painting has resided in a New England family since 1923.
    • Both are prepared to spend time actually residing in the parents' home with the child.
    • According to the Justice Ministry, about 630,000 foreigners reside permanently in Japan.
    • Adolescents residing in neighborhoods plagued by high levels of disorder are more likely to participate in delinquent behavior.
    • The majority of children resided with both parents.
    • Most of the REs reside in the intergenic regions and are believed to be functionally neutral.
    • Let your heart settle upon the unifying message that resides behind all things.
    • While over 90,000 people now live in the Limerick urban area, only around 54,000 reside within the city boundary.
    • All the children reside with their mother and the parties have agreed that she will have custody.
    • Monet's Waterlilies, painted in 1908, is arguably the finest of the three paintings on the theme which reside in Cardiff.
    • There is no list of farmworkers who reside in this region.
    • If the thought of your critical data residing on an ASP server gives you chills, all is not lost.
    • Applications and data resided on online disk, and if it failed your application was down.
    • The painting first resided in Fontainebleau, later in the Palace of Versailles.
    • Gretta and her family resided for many years over in England.
    • Seventy-five percent of the world's population now resides in cities.
    • After residing in the city for over three years, I have to say that this observation is largely accurate.
    • Where did these local residents actually reside?
    • They discovered that the gene for the disorder resides on the 5th chromosome.
    • Since more than half of the children admitted to the school reside outside the city, it plans to build a dormitory to enable them to stay along with one of their parents.
    • One of several closely related genes, eft - 4, resides on the X chromosome.
    • What about the people who reside in this country?
    • He is no longer residing with her, although he resides in the immediate neighborhood.
    • The other two children shall reside with both parents on an alternating weekly basis.
    • The only apparent regulatory difference is a short time delay when activators reside in the cytoplasm before binding to plasmids.
    • The majority of the population and poor for that matter still reside in the rural areas.
    • The soluble alkaline IT is thought to reside in the cytoplasm.
    • The first Web site is an English-only site that resides on a British server.
    • Living in London, he resided at several different addresses around the capital until his death.
    • A range of d = 200 cM includes all genes residing on the same mouse chromosome.
    • The homeless families now reside in an abandoned neighborhood advisory council building located behind the former police station.
    • He has lived most of his life on the Massachusetts coast and now resides in New York City where he part-owns a cocktail bar.
    • The bulk of these treasures resided at the Imperial Household Museum.
    • She was in a room fit for a queen from the 1800's, with gold linings on the walls, red velvet decorating the spaces where paintings didn't reside.
    • The stem cell population resides at the very apex of the meristem and replenishes those cells that are lost during organogenesis on the meristem flanks.
  • 2

    (be invested)
    to reside in / with sb/sth residir en algn/algo
  • 3

    to reside in sth radicar en algo
    • Thus it is that the whiteness of white men resides in the tragic quality of their giving way to darkness and the heroism of channeling or resisting it.
    • It is thus a non-reductive definition, because both its subject matter and its theoretical object reside at the semantic level.
    • The essential qualities of Judo reside in the execution of throws with finesse, without the expenditure of strength, joined to an irresistible rhythm.
    • Qualities can only reside in substances and cannot occur on their own.
    • Its stature resides in its quietude and simplicity, yet with an inner energy which reflects a lifetime's contemplation of the harmonies of art.