Translation of residency in Spanish:


internado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛzɪd(ə)nsi//ˈrɛz(ə)dənsi/


  • 1US

    internado masculine
    residencia feminine Latin America
    • Many physicians need years of medical school and residency to even get a slight grasp of the problem.
    • How did he perform in medical school and residency and later in his practice as judged by the physician and nursing staff with whom he worked?
    • He completed medical studies and a residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
    • Insufficient training on disability during medical school and residency complicates this process.
    • After two years service in the South African army, he completed a residency in cardiothoracic surgery at Johannesburg Hospital.
    • The purpose of a residency is to attain professional competence in direct patient care and in practice management beyond entry level.
    • After completing general or specialty residencies, most individuals enter some type of pharmacy practice or join industry or academia.
    • There are many pathology residencies in which individuals can enjoy becoming well trained.
    • We have been away from each other a lot in the last few months, as she's been in Europe and is now doing her medical residency in a state not too far away.
    • He completed a residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami.
    • None of the training I received in medical school, residency, fellowship, or practice had taught me how to reply to Anna.
    • He served a residency in pediatrics at St. Louis Children's Hospital.
    • A shortage of positions for residency graduates in a field is immediately followed by a decline in U.S. medical students entering residencies in that field.
    • His programme in integrative medicine at the University of Arizona offers two year fellowships to doctors who have completed residencies in primary care specialties.
    • At that time, there were 94 residencies at 32 different hospitals.
    • His medical residencies were in internal medicine and clinical psychiatry at the University of Florida.
    • One of the ways to qualify foreign-trained health workers is to provide residencies and training positions in our hospitals.
    • I was also confident that I would be able to find or create a part-time residency in my chosen specialty of family practice, but I found I was wrong.
    • Many do residencies at affiliated hospitals and clinics with Hispanic clienteles of 60 percent and higher.
    • The senior physicians had finished their residency and had at least 2 years of ICU experience as senior physicians.
  • 2British

    (of musician, band)
    período de actuaciones contratadas por un local
    • You need to find a new way of building a buzz, and the way to do that now is to be out performing live at a residency in a club.
    • The initiative will consist of four performance residencies and a local festival in which new productions will premiere.
    • The second jam session is on Wednesday and Bejazzled continue their long-standing residency at the Old White Swan on Thursday.
    • Newcastle, where the RSC has a regular residency, is one likely regional venue.
    • The Beatles are two days into a residency of two, sometimes three, shows a day at the Olympia Theatre that will last until 4 February.
    • Joseph will be performing residency clubs dates in Canada sometime in May.
    • He cringes at his own stupidity for mentioning the residency gig the last time Gwynn had been in town.
    • Word has it he has a residency at a North London club and I can't wait to find it and see him play as often as I can when I move there.
    • The Rheostatics have been doing annual residencies for years.
    • I'll ask if I can just come for a regular residency.
    • We spent a year or so doing one off gigs and residencies in a little fringe theater in Little Venice and we worked very, very hard.
    • He stayed with her for 10 years, and for six of them he held down a dance club residency at the Den in Norwalk.
    • Were the place real, The Pariahs would have a weekly residency.
    • I've started a monthly residency doing the livest R & B night in London's West End.
    • The Bays are independent musicians who can be found on Friday nights at their weekly residency at Camden's Jazz Caf.