Translation of residential in Spanish:


residencial, adj.

Pronunciation /rɛzɪˈdɛnʃ(ə)l//ˌrɛzəˈdɛn(t)ʃ(ə)l/


  • 1

    (suburb/area) residencial
    • Certain parts of the residential districts had certain designs for the houses built in them.
    • The gangs of youths were also blamed for skateboarding in residential areas, drinking, leaving litter and being verbally abusive.
    • The shelters will provide seating for the youngsters so they can socialise away from children's playgrounds and residential areas.
    • Officers in pursuit attempt to box the driver in before his rampage turns deadly in the nearby residential neighborhood.
    • People living on a residential estate have fought off plans for a new fish and chip shop.
    • Meat outlets should not be set up near residential areas as it increases the risk of contagious diseases if the meat gets contaminated.
    • Official permission is not needed as long as the guns are licensed and the shoot takes place on private land away from residential areas.
    • My wife and I live in a residential neighborhood in a large University town, USA.
    • According to officials, there are several issues with regard to monitoring air quality in residential areas.
    • These small private outlets with an average size of about 10 square metres are mainly located in residential areas.
    • Population growth has led to the building of many new residential areas.
    • In some new residential areas the concept was so popular that it became the major type of street.
    • There was generally a good but mixed standard within the residential areas, with some estates practically litter free.
    • People from the surrounding residential area have constantly complained of noise and vandalism caused by youngsters leaving the club.
    • The traffic movements would also have a significantly negative impact on an area that is overwhelmingly residential.
    • The protest centres around the installation of traffic-calming measures on a residential area in the town.
    • The driveway soon leads to a residential road in the suburb.
    • The two-hour restriction was introduced ten years ago to stop commuters parking on nearby residential streets.
    • The police decided to proceed very cautiously, as they were in a residential area, and people were in all the houses around.
  • 2

    (with accommodation)
    (ward) para pacientes a largo plazo
    (course/conference) con alojamiento para los asistentes
    • The building has been vacant since it closed as a residential college for wealthy Middle-Easterners about 20 years ago.
    • This is a WI residential adult college which will be celebrating its 54th anniversary this year.
    • Recently, I went to a function at my old university residential college.
    • A Higher Education centre, improved student residential accommodation and catering facilities are also planned.
    • The building has been vacant since it closed as a residential college 20 years ago.