Translation of resign in Spanish:


dimitir, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈzʌɪn//rəˈzaɪn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    presentar su dimisión
    presentar su renuncia
    there were shouts of 'resign!' se alzaron voces pidiendo su dimisión / su renuncia
    • to resign from sth dimitir algo
    • I resigned from the committee renuncié a / dimití mi cargo en la comisión

transitive verb

  • 1

    (position) dimitir
    (position) renunciar a
    (position) presentar su dimisión a
    (position) presentar su renuncia a
    • So, taking drastic steps, John resigned from his job and, with his one suitcase, stayed in Southampton.
    • She resigned from the position of the station chief executive officer last year, but she is still the director.
    • He said that he has resigned from any form of political and public life.
    • He resigned from this position when it became clear that for a serious career as a TV scriptwriter meant living in London.
    • He had resigned from his post when the theft was discovered.
    • He resigned from the Council in 1990 when new rules prevented paid council officers sitting as elected members.
    • His barrister said he had resigned from the school where he was teaching and was now hoping to retrain as a florist.
    • By 1909 Einstein was recognised as a leading scientific thinker and in that year he resigned from the patent office.
    • Margaret has resigned from the committee after a very significant commitment for 3 years.
    • The Chancellor resigned from office and decided to leave the academy on his own.
    • She was unable to return to the job and last Thursday, following meetings with her employers, resigned from her position.
    • Following the expulsions, two more union leaders resigned from the party.
    • They both resigned from the company but demanded compensation.
    • He withdrew his nomination later that year and eventually resigned from the court.
    • She had resigned from her job as she knew she faced dismissal and her employer had refused to provide her with a reference because of the court case.
    • I personally know life-long members who resigned from the Party over this issue.
    • His father, a distinguished Marxist academic, resigned from Labour during one of its debilitating civil wars.
    • But the threat that worried him most came one day before he resigned from the Commercial Radio show.
    • Both men denied any wrongdoing but still resigned from their posts
    • To their disappointment, the vote of confidence was not given whereupon they resigned from their posts and left the meeting.
  • 2

    (right/claim) renunciar a
    • Within a year, he had resigned his seat in order to resume his military career.
    • Last month, the two founders of the company resigned their executive positions.
    • Precisely what transpired is unknown, but he resigned all offices and spent the rest of his life in Europe, dying in Boulogne.
    • Once in office, that person could accept no other office in the state and had to resign any office already held.
    • The Deputy is resigning his seat in the light of the Government's decision to abolish the dual mandate.
    • Should he resign his seat and retire from politics until his name is cleared?
    • So why is it that he wasn't forced to resign his parliamentary seat as well?
    • She added that she did not feel it was necessary for her to resign her seat and stand again as an independent.
    • He said he would not resign his seat to allow a by-election to take place.
    • Vincentio, Duke of Vienna, leaves his kingdom suddenly and resigns power to his deputy, Angelo.
    • In 1938 she resigned her seat but failed to be re-elected on this cause.
    • The law said - and still says - that anyone who leaves their party effectively resigns their seat.
    • I further call on her to present a public apology to the family, and then to resign her office.
    • But after about a year, he resigned his cabinet seat to spend more time in his home community.
    • Any current councillors who plan to run for mayor will also have to resign their seats.
    • Women were forced to resign office jobs upon marriage, and this tradition was upheld well into the 1950s.
    • He resigned his seat in the legislative assembly a short while later.
    • He became the first African leader upon independence to resign office voluntarily.
    • He resigned his Westminster seat at the last general election.
    • He will have to declare bankruptcy and will be obliged to resign his seat in parliament.

reflexive verb

  • 1

    to resign oneself to sth/-ing resignarse a algo/+ inf