Translation of resignation in Spanish:


renuncia, n.

Pronunciation /rɛzɪɡˈneɪʃ(ə)n//ˌrɛzəɡˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


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    • 1.1(from job, position)

      renuncia feminine
      dimisión feminine
      to tender one's resignation presentar su (or mi etc.) dimisión / su renuncia
      • to accept sb's resignation aceptar la dimisión / la renuncia de algn
      • the entire cabinet offered its resignation todos los miembros del gabinete pusieron sus cargos a disposición del primer ministro
      • resignation from sth
      • his resignation from the Cabinet/directorship su dimisión de / su renuncia a su puesto en el gabinete/en la dirección
      • He demanded the rescinding of the pipeline project and the resignation of the president.
      • ‘If I don't get a satisfactory response, I will be calling for details on who was responsible for this and I will be calling for resignations,’ he said.
      • It won't surprise you, I think, that I'm here to announce my resignation from the Shadow Cabinet and the Ministry.
      • They voted 34 against with 11 in favour, forcing the immediate resignation of the entire board.
      • The reporting of these two journalists eventually forced the resignation of a president.
      • The governments are worried that the instability at Eurotunnel will lead to resignations of technical and safety personnel, the newspaper claimed.
      • Other officers had announced their resignation from the committee.
      • It was there that the Dutchman announced his resignation.
      • The sudden resignation of a director should arouse your suspicion, as should significant changes in buying patterns.
      • Has she heard from the first minister since announcing her resignation?
      • I did say that not all ministerial resignations lead to an urgent debate.
      • He remained in office until his resignation in March 1971.
      • Several high-profile resignations and retirements have hit hospitals in recent months.
      • The group demanded my immediate resignation, and printed my e-mail address on its Web site.
      • I am thankful to citizens who sent me letters of support and email after I announced my resignation in July, " he said.
      • Sadly, he has not recovered and they regretfully announced his resignation on Monday.
      • Do you expect mass resignations from the board?
      • There are record resignations and a shortage of quality replacements.
      • He announced his resignation from the nomination shortly after, saying he wanted to devote all his energies to regaining his health.
      • Announcing his resignation, even on the eve of an election, was the right choice.

    • 1.2formal (of claim, right)

      renuncia feminine
      • The actress is frequently locked into playing a stoic, good-natured sufferer with a look of passive resignation about her.
      • Annamma is no match for her husband either in stature or in qualities and accepts her lot with resignation.
      • The initial amazement and anger which greeted his decision has given way, in most quarters, to shrugged resignation.
      • Rather than fortitude, courage or conviction, his morality play teaches resignation, passivity and submission.
      • Rebecca leaned back into his hold and shrugged with resignation.
      • I did see something cross his face, but he went back to his usual look of resignation when I corrected him.
      • This doesn't seem to have come from apathy or resignation at the inevitability of this war.
      • Maybe it's an air of resignation; most delegates realise that what they think matters very little.
      • Slowly the atmosphere transforms itself into one of acceptance and resignation.
      • With a shrug of resignation, the manservant slapped him lightly across the face.
      • ‘But we're never going to do something that everybody likes,’ adds his wife, with a shrug of resignation.
      • Then with a shrug of resignation, all he could offer was a throwaway comment, ‘that's the way it is’.
      • He shrugged in uncaring resignation and reclined back into a more comfortable position.
      • Across the Western world, commentators of various sorts have noted this growing public resignation to powerlessness.
      • His final illness was accepted with resignation, courage and good humour.
      • She received this news with a combination of acceptance and sorrowful resignation.
      • This short final excursion cost poor Cherub but I could see resignation and acceptance in both Belinda and Cherub upon their return.
      • One could debate whether that statement reflects acceptance or simply resignation.
      • His coach shrugged his shoulders in resignation.

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    (acceptance, submission)
    resignación feminine