Translation of resonant in Spanish:


resonante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛz(ə)nənt//ˈrɛzənənt/


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    (voice/drum) resonante
    (voice/drum) retumbante
    (room/chamber) resonante
    the house was resonant with the sound of laughter la casa retumbaba / resonaba con ecos de risas
    • Sonics could not be better, as every note is clearly delineated in a perfectly resonant environment.
    • Selective resonance at these eigentone frequencies will inevitably colour the sound, especially in small rectangular rooms where the resonant frequencies are high enough to fall within the musical range.
    • The resonant acoustics of the church (a Miami Beach landmark) provided the perfect ambience for Handel's music.
    • I actually have a deep resonant, rich voice, but it comes out only rarely.
    • I do vocal exercises and on my own I can have a deep resonant voice.
    • Her voice, which had been weak, became stronger, deeper, more resonant.
    • I was beginning to warm to this man, I even liked his deep, resonant voice.
    • His voice was naturally deep and resonant, a good, powerful, commanding voice.
    • It might be possible to amplify this moving-mirror radiation by using a resonant cavity with vibrating walls.
    • This all may sound irrelevant to the review, but this setting and the organ's origins do produce a wonderful, rich resonant sound.
    • But their presence is signalled by an unmistakable call similar to bellowing of a bull with a deep, resonant boom that carries up to a mile.
    • The deep resonant sound of the Alp horn and the happy pumping of an accordion followed us out onto the terrace where we stood almost within handshaking distance of that awesome peak.
    • So the resonant sound is dubbed an auspicious sound.
    • A chuckle, if you could call it that, deep and resonant, filled the car.
    • Words cannot describe their soft and resonant sounds.
    • Large, ungainly and hanging onto my thick specs, I'd leap over a vault with my free hand, landing with a resonant thud on the other side, and I loved it.
    • As in the cardiac examination, deliver taps at points along a straight line moving from resonant areas into the areas expected to show dullness.
    • It is a smooth and mellow voice, deep and resonant.
    • The resonant vibration of cantilevers also produced noise.
    • ‘Here,’ he said, and his voice was deep and rich, resonant and infinitely caring.
    • When it is blown, the feather acts as a reed, producing a deep, resonant sound.
    • When these cattle move side by side in the herd, their hollow horns knock together, producing a characteristic resonant sound.
    • He has a deep and resonant or perhaps a high and nasal voice.
    • The voice was deep and resonant and commanding.
    • He immediately interrupted, voice slightly deeper, much more resonant.
    • After a few months, he'll likely have a resonant, deep, and full voice just like an adult!
    • ‘Please be seated,’ she said, in the same deep resonant voice as I had heard in the hallway.
    • This follows from the response of any resonant system (a room, a struck object, a vocal cavity) to an impulse-like excitation.
    • Then, if you take the lid off the piano to boost it, sometimes the room becomes too resonant and the sound goes all over the place.
    • Annoyance flashed through Rosemarie like lightning as a deep, resonant laugh came from above.
    • Each buckling results in a burst of resonant vibrations from the tymbal, with the repetition rate of these bursts being determined by the contraction frequency of the tymbal muscle.
    • The use of the wood block and resonant and jingly metals enhances the Oriental flavor of the music.
    • Scallon spoke for the first time, his voice deep, resonant and rich with power.
    • Move around while listening and the hum changes to a low, soothing throb or at particularly resonant points in the room, vibrates your skull rather unpleasantly.
    • What you will hear, then, are the natural resonant frequencies of the room articulated by speech.