Translation of resound in Spanish:


retumbar, v.

Pronunciation /rəˈzaʊnd//rɪˈzaʊnd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (explosion/sound/voice) retumbar
    (explosion/sound/voice) resonar
    the hall resounded with the sound of a thousand voices la sala resonaba / retumbaba con ecos de mil voces
    • Light spilled out from upper and lower windows, even though it was early in the morning, and loud, booming voices resounded from inside.
    • We sat in silence for a few moments before the high-pitched squeal of the microphone resounded throughout the pub.
    • As the room resounded with cheers and hisses, a man brushed past Padlin, heading for the pit.
    • A sharp yelp resounded through the air as the figure fell to the floor.
    • As her voice resounded throughout the cavern, the weakened walls began to shake and crumbled.
    • The room resounded with sneezes as I surveyed the red-nosed, sniffling, miserable and furious girls seated in front of me.
    • Silence ensued her words, and footsteps resounded through the auditorium.
    • His baritone voice resounded through the hall.
    • The place resounded with the calls of birds as they settled down for the night, even as people walked into the tastefully decorated frontyard.
    • The space resounded with the now-soft-now-rising-to-a-crescendo music.
    • As the voices of these women resounded through the meeting hall, the promises and hope did not appear far-fetched but closer to ground reality.
    • Empty rooms suddenly resound with the sounds of living and life acquires a whole new meaning.
    • Once the song ended the room resounded with applause.
    • The chapel resounds with full-throated hymns.
    • The Wanaka streets resound with languages from all round the world.
    • Just then a loud bang resounded throughout the warehouse.
    • She laughed as well, loving the feel of his voice resounding through his chest.
    • The new performance space will resound with their poetry, prose and plays, as they share their writings with the audience.
    • The whole common room resounded with shouts and whispers and protests, all caused by the calm cloaked woman who sat sipping her ale.
    • The royal voice resounded through the sticky night air, carried beyond its normal range by an abnormally chilly gust of air.
    • Her footsteps resounded eerily through the six levels of stairs, as her thoughts raced through evil and distressing scenarios.
    • A roar resounded through the hallways and heavy rapid footsteps came from the new hallway.
    • The audience collapses in laughter, and the theater resounds with a barrage of applause.
    • Tina's shrill voice resounded through the house.
    • Below, the native camp resounded with the drums of the triumphant, the low booms and higher pitched taps coming quickly of an aural celebration amid the jungle groves.
    • Screaming for somebody, screaming for her parents, her footsteps resounded throughout the marble corridors.
    • A knock sounded at the door, resounding throughout the whole house.
    • Hrothgar's hall resounds with the laughter and songs of poets, who retell the famed history of the Danish tribe.
    • Laughter resounds throughout cozy kitchens while mothers bake gingerbread and children decorate sugar cookies.
    • A voice resounded through the waiting room, and I grinned, I knew that voice.
    • He hangs up the phone, and the sound of his laughter resounds throughout the parking lot.
    • Teddy set down his cup, a definite clink resounding throughout the office, and leaned forward.
    • On the last night of the engagement - the night before the wedding - the bride's house resounds with sad songs of leavetaking.
    • The empty sky resounded with a sudden loud explosion: an invisible airplane had crossed the sound barrier.
    • The old school and the old school yard land will once again resound to the sounds of children at play.
    • It resounds with the noise of falling water as the Avon tumbles over a weir.
    • William's laughter resounded throughout the long hallway, making the noise terribly bothersome.
  • 2

    (fame) resonar
    (protest) hacerse oír
    • This is not something that under Victorian law resounds at all but it is what one might call a form of reasonable approach or professional practice that follows from the local defamation law.
    • The impact, the team contends, resounds today.
    • Nevertheless, his essay provides a clear instance of the rewards both of a poet on writing as such, and as illumination of that poet's poetry: may its song continue and its fame resound.